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If Minecraft was any indication of how successful an open-world game is, then you know Worlds Adrift’s user-created content is no different. And in the most recent trailer, you can see what kinds of things users can create in the vast world of the game. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer really shows just how creative players can be in Worlds Adrift with the Island Creator tool. Bossa Studios released the tool to Worlds Adrift players back in April and since then, players have taken advantage of the infinitely creative Island Creator tool. Players create their own islands and then are able to submit them to Bossa Studios so they are considered for inclusion in the game. 

This isn't the first time Bossa Studios has looked to their fans for in-game content. Not along ago, they hosted a content where fans could enter for the chance to have their original lore written into the game's lore. It's fantastic that they are so involved with their fans and the community Worlds Adrift has created. Allowing their fans to compete to have a piece of their own art in the game is a great way to bring the community closer together. 

Worlds Adrift plays a lot like MYST with its mysterious vast and beautiful emptiness and flying airships, and while it appeals to many gamers, it’s not the kind of game I would pick up and play. Although it is amazing to see the kinds of things players can create, I think I would get bored. For me a game needs action and story and drama. But for others, Worlds Adrift is exactly what they need out of a game.

You can still submit your creations to Bossa Studios by downloading the Island Creation tool on Steam. But hurry because submissions won’t be accepted forever. 

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