Bungie has been long-rumored to be working on a new expansion pack for Destiny. The name of the pack? The Rise of Iron. Well, it turns out that the leaks and rumors were true, and the company officially unveiled the new expansion along with the release date and price.

According to Game Informer, the release date for Destiny: Rise of Iron will be September 20, 2016. The new content will arrive for the Xbox One and PS4. Following a Twitch live-stream by the developers, it was also revealed over on Push Square that the game's latest expansion would be available for only $30. It was noted in the article that the expansion pack's price fits in line with Destiny's previous expansion packs, the Dark Below and the House of Wolves. The one odd man out was The Taken King, which was priced at $40, much to the chagrin of the gaming community.

In fact, Bungie had to work very hard to prove that The Taken King was worth $40, especially since it wasn't covered by the season pass, which had fans even more angered. So in this case, they've settled back on the $30 price point, but it's still outside of the scope of the season pass, so if you paid for the season pass you'll still have to pay separately for the Rise of Iron expansion pack.

Destiny Rise of Iron

The expansion itself will feature an all new story centered around one of the groups mentioned in the game that haven't had the spotlight shown on them yet: The Iron Lords. The expansion also features the return of the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher with an all new black-iron themed livery.

Game Informer mentions that the group has ties to the Iron Banner events and have been alluded to throughout the story missions, but beyond that they haven't been detailed until now. They briefly talk about the role of the Iron Banner in the new reveal trailer that you can check out below.

The opening of the trailer is the lead-in to the poster that was leaked for the new Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion. The trailer goes a bit further, though, explaining how the last of the Iron Lords want to destroy the remnants of the Plague.

The trailer notes that there will be brand new story missions, along with new weapons, new side-quests, new skins, new enemies and areas to explore, including a brand new raid mission with a brand new raid boss. We get to see some giant mechanical contraption at the end of the trailer, but there's no telling if that's just a story-oriented event or if that's actually a boss.

According to Kotaku, the raid for the Destiny expansion will feature a "twist". The twist is supposedly that there are mutant Fallen members that must be defeated. The story will supposedly tie into the Taken King, so fans of Destiny will find out how this all ties together.

A lot of gamers have been hoping for news about Destiny 2, but the game won't be coming this year, so it makes sense that Bungie would focus on what could be the final big expansion for Destiny. It's due for release on September 20 later this year for $30.

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