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A day before the E3 press conferences got underway, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment decided to unleash gameplay footage of Injustice 2 during the ESL finals for Mortal Kombat X.

The new Injustice footage was posted over on the Gamespot YouTube channel, and it features a minute and a half of gameplay, some customization, and a few of the new faces joining the cast of characters for the Injustice sequel.

The video starts with Supergirl and Atrocitus squaring off for battle, and the two engage in a fight where we get to see some of Supergirl's new moves, including a flying pummeling attack where she rapidly hits a foe, uppercuts them into the air and follows it up with an aerial throw.

Based on the little they showcased, it appears as if Supergirl will have "faster" combos and and moves centered around speed and zipping attacks, where-as Superman will have more power-based moves. It's a fine distinction between the two characters, who otherwise would have a strong overlap when it comes to their powers and abilities.

The one move that actually looked really cool from Supergirl in Injustice 2 was the walking heat rays. She's kind of stamping toward her opponent while unleashing a straight beam of heat onto them. It looks mildly uncomfortable for the person getting zapped, to say the least.

The gameplay video also introduces us to the newcomer Gorilla Grodd. The psychic ape doesn't get a whole lot of screen time but he does manage to showcase the kind of moves you would expect from a giant, intelligent gorilla. He pounds his opponents into the ground and uses a lot of straight, brute strength when it comes to his melee attacks. Totally expected. What's surprising about the character is his ability to utilize psychic powers, using them in similar ways to Kenshi from the Mortal Kombat series.

The signature stage transitions that started in Mortal Kombat and moved on over into NetherRealm's DC Universe titles are also making a return. They're as over-the-top as they were in the first Injustice, with characters getting knocked through walls, off buildings or through floors, landing in precariously dangerous situations that results in them being thrown around a bit more. In one scene we see a truck knocking Supergirl into an oncoming subway train after she gets blasted through a wall by Atrocitus.

The super special moves are also making a return in Injustice 2, except this time Batman brings the Batwing into battle; Superman hurls his opponents through the air; but most impressive is Aquaman's screen-width tempest that sees a giant fish helping finish off his opponent. As I said... impressive. Also, I'm hoping that they have a Jason Momoa skin available for Aquaman when the game ships. That would be a pretty awesome nod to the upcoming Aquaman solo film.

You can expect to see more of Injustice 2 during this year's E3. However, the game itself won't be available for the Xbox One and PS4 until sometime in 2017.

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