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Sonic Boom Fire & Ice

Sonic Boom wasn't the most well received Sonic game in the history of the franchise. It's been pelted left and right for its poor gameplay and throwaway story. Well, Sega and Sonic Team want to mix things up with Fire and Ice, giving gamers something different to latch onto compared to previous games.

Gamespot is reporting that Sega is taking a different approach to the way the gameplay in Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice will play out. For one, they want to make the gameplay balanced based around fun, exciting challenges that mix up the ice and fire mechanics. The article describes situations where Sonic will need to use the ice power to freeze liquids or create platforms to access new areas. They also describe using the fire to melt ice, to create new passageways and to solve some puzzles.

Knuckles, Amy, Sticks and Tails will also be playable and there will be segments in some stages designed specifically to be accessed by certain characters, similar to the older Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles games back on the Genesis.

Nothing they describe seems to say that the game will be better than the last outing for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Sonic Boom looked promising on paper but the execution was awful, very much like Sonic: Lost World, which should have been a much better game than what it turned out to be. The title was basically Sonic's take on the Super Mario Galaxy formula, but Sega managed to bungle the whole thing by making the platforming convoluted and the stages poorly designed, which ended up breaking the flow of the pace and speed of the game.

In Sonic Boom there was the issue of glitches inhibiting players from progressing through the game effectively, and there was also the issue of uninspired level designs that left gamers feeling as if they were playing a game simply made to service the brand name of Sonic, as opposed to playing a game that was designed to further the legacy of Sonic The Hedgehog.

The poorly made games in the Sonic franchise over the past decade -- with the exceptions of Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors -- have left gamers wondering if the blue hedgehog can ever properly recover. A lot of gamers are also wondering why Sega can't seem to make a game as humorous and as captivating as the Sonic Twitter account.

In some ways, Sega will attempt to bring the humor and characterization from the Sonic Boom television show to the upcoming Fire and Ice outing by having the cartoon's voice actors provide the voices for the game characters as well. Whether or not they phone in their performances is a whole other story, but at least Sega is putting some effort into the continuity of the game and the cartoon's crossover appeal.

The Gamespot article also notes that there will be an endless runner mode featured in this upcoming Sonic Boom game, similar to the likes of Sonic Dash. They don't go in depth about the endless running feature but it just might be the saving grace of the game if the rest of it doesn't turn out to be so hot.

Sonic Boom: Ice and Fire is due for release at the end of September for the Nintendo 3DS.

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