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Heroes of the Storm

In celebration of the e-sports team Tempest walking away victorious during the Summer Global Championship for Heroes of the Storm's Global Circuit competition, Blizzard has made it where for a couple of days all of the heroes in Heroes of the Storm are free.

As reported by Game Informer, for a limited time gamers will be able to download, hop into a game of Heroes of the Storm, and play as any of the heroes on the roster for free. This includes Nova (who now has a Widowmaker skin from Blizzard's other recently released property, Overwatch), the new characters Chromie and Medivh, as well as Li-Ming, Xul and Tracer (another Overwatch character) without any kind of monetary boundaries getting in the way.

This means some of your favorite characters from Diablo, StarCraft, World of Warcraft and even the Lost Vikings can be accessed for free up until the end of June 28th.

There's also a special bundle pack just over $40 that includes various heroes and their skins in Heroes of the Storm. The pack contains Brightwing, Tyrael, Greymane, Tassadar and Falstad.

Over on the official Heroes of the Storm website they break down how Tempest came out on top and how the dynamic finish led to them taking home the crown during the summer global championship.

Originally there were eight teams left over the weekend competition, but four of the teams in the two groups were eliminated, leaving Tempest, the Korean e-sports competitors, to face off against the Chinese team, eStar Gaming. There was also the European Union's mYinsanity, who faced off against another Korean team that made it into the finals, MVP Black.

MVP Black took the win against the EU's mYinsanity, and had to face off against Tempest in the grand finals after Tempest made quick work of eStar Gaming. In a best of five match, Tempest ended up taking three of the wins, securing a victory for their team and winning the summer championship.

The e-sports sector for Heroes of the Storm is definitely growing and Blizzard Entertainment has decided to bleed over the success of the teams in the competitive venue with the casual player just picking up the game. Rewarding casual players with free heroes in the game for a professional team's victory is a prime way to get casual players more interested in Heroes of the Storm and for them to potentially get good enough to check out the competitive sports aspect of the game.

The competitive market for a lot of these games are expected to continue to grow over the next couple of years. Blizzard is trying extra hard to capitalize on that by weeding themselves into as many different niches of the competitive scene as possible.

Heroes of the Storm, however, faces stiff competition from the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends, so we'll see how well this brief promotion for free heroes helps grow the community and whether or not this will result in a much larger competitive scene for the next big Heroes of the Storm tournament.

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