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It's always a stinging and emotional sensation when we say goodbye to a game as legendary as PlanetSide. One player happened to capture the game's final moments before Shut Down during an epic, apocalyptic meteor shower.

You can see in this video the final moments of gameplay in PlanetSide 1 as developers planned to shut down the servers with a gigantic meteor shower. You can hear one player scream, "This is going to break the server!" It really is all chaos and players are running around, trying their best to dodge the meteors.

Then, out of nowhere, the game freezes and a pop-up appears indicating the connection has been lost and recommending the player exits the game and tries again. Only, if they choose to exit, there won't be a game to come back to.

After a round of applause for the first installment of PlanetSide, there's a number of comments by players reminiscing of PlanetSide in the past.

PlanetSide has been live for 13 long years and its sequel, PlanetSide 2, was released just four years ago. It has a steady 2000 players most of the time, so an end is nowhere in sight yet for PlanetSide 2.

Still, 13 years is a long time for any multiplayer game to be up and running, and it's amazing that it lasted even that long, with how much gaming has changed in recent years. World Of Warcraft, even, first came out in 2004, one year after PlanetSide, so it's even older than one of the biggest franchises in the world.

I suppose there comes a time in every game's life where the decision has to be made whether to shut down servers, stop making sequels or any other kind of soul-crushing option that places the game at the back of the shelf. And it was just that time for PlanetSide.

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