During this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California a number of new games, release dates and content for said games have been unveiled. One of those games is Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball Fusions. They released a new trailer for the turn-based RPG showcasing the gameplay and some crazy character fusions.

The video was hosted on Bandai Namco's Japanese YouTube channel, and they link out ot the official Dragon Ball Fusions website, where they reveal that the game is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan starting August 4, next month.

The near five minute trailer covers how the two main characters named Tekka and Pinich are transported through a portal to a Dragon World where various types of Dragon Ball characters from across the expanse of the universe are brought together in an intertwining time and space phenomenon. The nexus works in a similar way to the city hub in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, where the player-character in that game was tasked with venturing to different dimensions and time zones in order to save the very fabric of the Dragon Ball universe.

In this case, the turn-based RPG centers around players utilizing what's called a Metamo-Ring to fuse together different characters from the Dragon Ball world to create all new characters with powerful new abilities.

The trailer also introduces additional playable characters along with Tekka and Pinich, and these characters can be customized and modified to give them the look that you want.

Dragon Ball Fusions is played like a traditional 3D JRPG, where players can fly around the massive game world, interact with various NPCs and take up quests from around the overworld map.

Players can recruit and fuse a number of different characters, ranging from different factions of the Dragon Ball, including the Frieza era, the GT era, the Dragon Ball Z hero squad, and those during the Broly era. In fact, it's even possible to fuse certain characters together to get completely crazy combinations. The video previews young Goku and Krillin fused together to make up a hideous looking little kid.

The battle sequences are a little bit different from what many Dragon Ball fans may have become accustomed to. It's no longer a real-time fighting game but instead a turn-based, area-arena game where players can position and move around their squad like a tactical strategy game.

Aligning characters together or grouping them up on certain rows or columns has both strengths and weaknesses, including the ability to align characters and have them carry out a combo attack or chain together special moves to do massive damage. However, as showcased in the video, lining up characters in a row can also be detrimental, given that one person can step in front of the row and unleash a massive area of effect attack that can damage everyone lined up behind one another. They're obviously going for the risk and reward structure with the turn-based battle system, which should prove to be very interesting.

Dragon Ball Fusions is also ripe with collectible cards, screen captures from the different cartoon series, as well as a compendium of information for each of the characters in the game.

Unfortunately there is no mention of the title getting ported for a Western release, but given the popularity of Dragon Ball and how unique this particular title is, I wouldn't doubt it if it arrives either later this year or next year in North America and Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.

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