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Quake has always been known by its fans as a PC game, very much like Diablo and DOOM. And while some Quake games have made it onto consoles in the past, the developer is still unsure about whether or notQuake: Champions might join them.

In an article from Game Informer, studio director Tim Willits was asked about the game being on PC only and he said,

I love my console fans. We're not completely shutting the door on console, but that's not what we're making. We want to make [Quake Champions] with no excuses and no limitations. We feel that keyboard/mouse running at 120Hz with high-input sampling rate gives us the best chance to hit that pro-gamer market.

Quake II eventually made its way onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 after some time, so it's not unfamiliar for a Quake game to be ported over to console, but the home of the Quake games are on PC. It's very much like my most recent experience playing DOOM. When I played the DOOM online multiplayer on PS4, it felt empty and lame like something was missing. It wasn't the same as it had felt on PC.

As someone who has dedicated a good part of my life to playing Quake (and has even been a victim of Quake Live for many years), I can understand the hesitation behind wanting to port the new Quake title over to consoles immediately. While console gaming is seemingly very popular right now, I can understand that a true Quake fan would prefer to play the title on PC. It's like playing Team Fortress 2 on console, it just isn't the same.

Willits did say, though, that porting over to console wasn't completely out of the picture, which means if the demand is high enough, there is a possibility Quake Champions will be going over to console. But along with games like Overwatch and Battleborn, Quake Champions is expected to be yet another hero shooter, which is what people are calling games like these. And while there are a few trends spreading like wildfire in the gaming industry currently, hero shooters is just another one of those trends. What sets apart hero shooters from regular shooters is that they add another level of character and story to the mix, making the narrative that more enthralling for players. So on the other hand, this might totally change the Quake we know and love.

Quake Champions does not have a confirmed release date, and Willits has even said that the game will be done when it's done.

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