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Fall is nearly upon us, which means it's almost time to dive into yet another Harvest Moon romp with this year's entry to the storied franchise, Skytree Village. If you happen to be a big fan or a collector, however, then you'll want to check out the Limited Edition NIS has put together featuring all sorts of extra goodies.

Announced right before E3 2016, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village evolves the formula NIS recently introduced to the series with some new gameplay mechanics, while keeping all of the beloved farming, tending to animals, etc. intact. We still don't have a set release date for the game, but given the fact that the team is already showing off a Limited Edition package, there's a pretty good chance we won't be waiting much longer. You can pre-order through October of this year, however, so we're guessing that's a pretty safe bet for a launch window.

In the Limited Edition collection, you'll get a copy of the Nintendo 3DS game, a collector's box for all of your treasures, a 44-page art book, the game's soundtrack, a rubber strap key chain that looks like a blue feather and a set of six lapel pins. Those pins include a set of chickens, a sheep, a dog, a horse, a cow and a donkey. The design on the key chain isn't finalized yet, hence its mysterious silhouette.

For folks who are still confused about the whole relationship between Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, it's best to just think of them as cousin series. Due to the way licensing works, NIS is able to continue making its own games in the Harvest Moon series. The Story of Seasons games are still called Harvest Moon in Japan (well, the Japanese equivalent of that) but go by their new name here in the States. They're both all about building a farm and exploring the countryside, though, so just think of it as getting two games in a familiar genre. More is usually a good thing!

In the new Harvest Moon, players will be able to take on the role of a boy or girl and build relationships in the hopes of starting a family. There's a new story to explore, new crops and flowers to plant, and new fishing mechanics to dive into. There's also a brand new town of merchants and residents, so get ready to shake a lot of hands.

Set in the Oasis of the Harvest Goddess, your job will be to return Skytree Village to its former glory. And thanks to this Limited Edition, you'll now be able to do so in style.

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