So you know how maps in Overwatch roll out in sections? Well, a pair of clever gamers discovered a bit of a glitch that allows them to get to a section of the Nepal map quite a bit early, giving them the chance to freely explore the mountainside setting.

This video, simply called "Nepal glitch," was recently posted to Youtube by hulkman503. The description states, quite simply, that the players discovered a glitch that's "on a whole new level." That's a nice little play on words, but for the most part the glitch is kind of useless.

The pair, both playing Mercy, figured out how to escape the boundaries of one portion of Nepal in order to kind of drift down to a later portion of that same map. In other words, the full map is available at all times, certain sections simply don't activate until the match has moved along to the proper location.

In-game pick-ups are actually peppered around, but neither player could do anything useful in this unoccupied section outside of simply running around. They could, however, still switch characters at their starting base. If you want to get back up to where the game is actually taking place, the only way it to die and respawn.

We imagine Blizzard will ax this bug from Overwatch any day now, so you might want to make with a quickness if you want to try it out for yourself. Just remember to do so in casual play, as you won't really be helping your team by goofing off in this manner.

This is certainly a nifty little find, and it's not the first time folks figured out wall glitches in various games. Destiny was lousy with such workarounds, as players kept figuring out ways to venture into sections of the map that were not available yet right before just about every major update.

Still, that leaves me wondering: Who the heck figures this stuff out? Who was playing Overwatch with a friend for the first time and said, "Hey, I have an idea. Let's try to jump down here, run over there, jump down and glide and see if we can figure out how to get in that random chunk of map space."

I'm not knocking this kind of curiosity and ingenuity, I'm just intrigued by the folks who decide it's something to make a go at.

Other than exploring uncharted territories, how are you readers enjoying Overwatch these days? It sure seems to be as popular as ever, so you know Blizzard did something right. Fill us in on your experiences in the comments below, especially if you got this glitch, or perhaps another, to work yourself.

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