Turtle Rock Studios managed to breathe new life into Evolve: Stage 2, the reinvigorated, free-to-play rendition of their team-based, asymmetrical multiplayer shooter. They're continuing to support the new free-to-play version with a new hunter named Quantum Caira.

Polygon did a write-up on Caira's abilities and skills based on a post over on the Evolve website, which helps flesh out the character in addition to what you see in the trailer above.

The team-focused healer has multiple special abilities, including a Regeneration Field, which can heal teammates so long as they stay within the field. It's identical to the Monk's healing field from the game Dungeon Defenders for anyone who still remembers how that character was played.

The Proton Field creates a damage-over-time field where any enemy standing within the field will be damaged over time. It's a standard DOT similar to what you would find from most crowd-control types in MMOs like World of Warcraft or Allods Online.

Caira also has a damage reduction buff called the Neutron Barrier. It reduces the amount of pain and destruction inflicted by the monsters. Her Generyst II Field is a mixture of both her DOT and her heal barrier.

Quantum Caira joined Evolve: Stage 2 on August 3rd. She's part of Turtle Rock's new effort to lure in new gamers while keeping the old ones satisfied. And speaking of new gamers, Turtle Rock rolled out all new tutorials to help inculcate players with a fighting spirit and the proper know-how to come out winners when engaged with some of the most vicious monsters controlled by persistent players or the most adept hunters controlled by team-savvy squads.

The tutorials are a welcome addition to Evolve given that when the game originally launched in 2015 a lot of people were left out in the cold when it came to understanding how to play as the monsters or work well together as the hunters. They may be late, but the tutorials are probably a very welcomed addition amongst the new and growing community of Evolve players.

Polygon also notes that Caira is part of the "Shear Madness" update that will take place all throughout the month for the game, including three new map variants, a brand new cooperative mode, along with quality of life improvements for matchmaking and new training options to try skins, perks, monsters and hunters before you buy them.

The game was barely maintaining 200 players a day at peak hours and now they're able to peek above 11,000 players a day according to the Steam stats. That's a massive upgrade over where it was before. However, going free-to-play was probably the best thing they could have done to revive Evolve, and they didn't really lose much in the process since the game was practically dead by the time they decided to relaunch as a free-to-play game.

They've managed to add more than 2 million new registered players to the database and they're hoping to keep the growth on an incline with new content rolled out throughout August. You can hop into Evolve Stage 2 right now, for free, by downloading the client from over on the Steam store.

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