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DOOM May Be Making Some Serious Changes, Here's What We Know


It looks like id Software has heard players loud and clear when it comes to the latest incarnation of DOOM, with an upcoming patch planned to add the top fan-requested feature to the game.

There are two things reviews of DOOM tend to agree on. For starters, the latest FPS from id is a hellacious good time when blasting through the single player campaign. Second: That the game's online multiplayer is kind of meh.

According to a recent chat with executive producer Marty Stratton over on Gamespot, the team has heard fans loud and clear and plans to address those concerns by plugging a highly requested feature into the game: Standard free-for-all deathmatch.

DOOM's current multiplayer options are definitely team focused and often boast the game's major hook, demon mode. In short, a player has the ability to turn into a demon, making them a big target for other players while also boosting their own killing abilities.

According to Marty Stratton, since DOOM's launch, players have been begging for an old-fashioned free-for-all deathmatch mode, the kind of PvP throwdown that made FPS' popular back when the genre was first taking root.

The team, according to Marty Stratton, has been working on plenty of post-launch content for DOOM, and he admits that most of what was being done on the multiplayer front remained team focused. However, they're not planning on ignoring what they're hearing from so many fans.

Stratton told Gamespot that one of the upcoming modes is "very much free-for-all deathmatch," specifically because all of you DOOM fans have been begging for it. He added that the team is somewhat torn on whether or not to maintain the demon power-up, but he expects it will make its way into the final product. Also, the free-for-all mode will likely be on a server of rotating maps, just like the other multiplayer modes.

Fear not, purists, because there's still hope. Marty Stratton also said that private matches are planned for a future update, meaning players will be able to set up their own free-for-all matches in DOOM on the maps of their choosing, with the ability to turn things like the demon power-up on and off. If you just want a bunch of folks running around with nothing but their own guns and their wits keeping them alive, you'll be able to create those matches.

As always, we're interested in hearing how this latest news hits our DOOM fans in the audience. Is free-for-all a mode you've been dying for? Are you happy with the rough outline for the mode that we've heard so far? Do you plan on creating your own custom matches once the option becomes available? Let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.