Halo 5

With Gamescom just around the corner, the team at 343 Industries is unloading all kinds of details pertaining to the Halo universe. It looks like there's another update inbound for Halo 5, in fact, including tweaks that will make the PC crowd especially happy.

The most recent update on the Halo blog features several details concerning Halo 5's next update, which will go live sometime after the insanity that is the Gamescom trade show in Germany. It sounds like 343's main focus on the show floor will be Halo Wars 2, which recently underwent a significant update following its early beta, but the team spared a moment to talk about a few changes heading to the FPS hit, Halo 5.

According to the update, there is "much in the works and more on the way" for Halo 5, with one final round of testing and polish being conducted on the next patch for both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

Speaking about the Halo 5 Forge specifically, the update will include mouse and keyboard support, as well as optimized controls for the build-it-yourself multiplayer mode. Also getting dropped in will be 4K support for you folks who can take advantage of that silky smooth technology, as well as the ability to take part in custom matches while wearing a KBMOB t-shirt. The 343 team promises more is being included in the update than has currently been revealed, all of which will be available free of charge.

As for Halo 5 proper, players can expect new maps to serve as their battleground, some new REQs to enhance their abilities, as well as new objects and features to plug into your Forge creations. We're looking forward to seeing what new toys become available in Forge, as some of the player-made maps have turned out to be about as good as anything official maps have to offer.

Finally, there's going to be a Halo 5 Content Browser plugged in via the next update, which will be available on both the PC and Xbox One version of the game. This mode will let players check out custom content made by other players with some new file options thrown in the mix, linked screenshots and more. You'll also be able to utilize new filters to find something fresh, or just check out "trending maps" to see what everybody else is playing on. That's usually a pretty good indicator of which maps are truly worth your time to download.

So, no hard info just yet, but 343 promises more details are coming in the weeks ahead, along with the official name of the next Halo 5 update, when it will release and a full look at the content it will contain. We'll update you as soon as further details become available.

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