Titanfall 2

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have announced that at this year's GamesCom you will be able to play Titanfall 2. There will be a couple of tests, the first of which starts on August 19th for PS4 and Xbox One owners.

If you happen to miss out on the beta test this weekend between August 19th and August 21st, there will be a second beta test taking place the following weekend at the end of August between the 26th and the 28th.

IGN is reporting that the multiplayer beta for Titanfall 2 will contain two different game modes to participate in, including a five-on-five mode called Bounty Hunt, where two opposing teams will battle it out against one another across two available maps, Boomtown and Homestead.

Homestead is an outdoor map with various facilities that pilots can run across and plenty of structures for the Titans to run around and battle through. It's surrounded by a mountainous region where players can battle it out for supremacy.

Boomtown is supposed to be a secret underground facility. I'm pretty sure it's one of the maps we may have glimpsed during the teaser footage for Titanfall 2, but then again it could be a completely different map. The multiplayer beta test was previewed in a trailer that you can view below from the Titanfall Official channel, but I'm not entirely sure Boomtown is among the footage, given that almost all of the gameplay takes place outdoors.

The beta test will enable players to test out the game's assault rifles, the parkour, the new melee attacks, the sniper rifles, the new grapple mechanics as well as streamlined Titan combat. As you can see in the video above, Titanfall 2's combat has been enhanced to be a lot more brutal and visually visceral. That's not to mention that the 60fps native gameplay looks sexy smooth.

Unfortunately there will be no multiplayer beta test for PC gamers because Respawn Entertainment wants to limit the amount of leaks for Titanfall 2, and they already know that PC gamers will data dump the crap out of the game. Right now data dumping isn't possible for the PS4 and Xbox One, so Respawn is sticking to the home consoles to host the beta over the next two weekends.

Obviously, PC gamers aren't going to be happy about being left out of the fold, but in an age where leaks happen frequently it's partially understandable. One thing that Respawn absolutely needs to have happen is at least release a free benchmark test of Titanfall 2 for PC gamers if they aren't going to do a traditional beta test.

The last thing anyone wants is to have to spend $60 on a game where it runs awful on the minimum or recommended specs. This recently happened with No Man's Sky, where plenty of PC gamers ran into issues with the game due to poor optimization problems after being ported over from the PS4.

So while the Titanfall 2 beta may skip PC let's hope this doesn't mean a poor port for PC gamers. The mech-shooter is due for release on October 28th this fall.

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