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Dead Rising 4

If there's one thing players have come to expect from the Dead Rising series, it's over-the-top zombie-slaying antics and a love of the absurd. According to Capcom's Joe Nickolls, that fun and frantic attitude is staying in place for the series' latest entry, Dead Rising 4.

Over the week, Gamescom visitors had their first chance to tackle a demo for the upcoming Dead Rising 4. While doing exactly that, the folks over at Polygon had a chat with Capcom Vancouver studio head hancho, Joe Nickolls. According to Nickolls, Dead Rising 4 was built with that love of stupidity intact.

It's still Dead Rising. It's gotta be stupid. We have to make sure the things we do in the game are still stupid.

Honestly, we weren't really worried that the Dead Rising series was taking a turn for the dramatic or anything like that. The game was announced at the Xbox E3 presser earlier this year with a trailer that showed off all of the expected antics. Plus, you've got the return of Frank West, a series character who has always seemed to relish the opportunity to go street-rat-crazy on the undead.

So if you were expecting a gravelly-voiced tale of emotion and survival in a post-apocalyptic world, you might want to turn to The Walking Dead or a documentary on children beauty pageants. When it comes to slaying the undead, it sounds like Dead Rising 4 is keeping tongue firmly planted in cheek.

According to the initial report, that trademark stupidity was once again on display in the Gamescom demo for the game. You can wear an exosuit in Dead Rising 4, which gives you ridiculous strength and the ability to combine it with other in-world items to create new weapons, like a freeze ray powered by a Slurpee machine. And along with traditional weapons that you can combine with other items to make some rad zombie-killing machines, there's also stuff like a magical staff that fires gnomes at your enemies. You know, typical Dead Rising stuff.

Also on display in the trailer and making its way to the demo was the ability to sneak up on your enemies and take a selfie before dispatching them in violent fashion. That's led to the team calling them by the rather clever name of "stealthies."

Finally, it was revealed that Dead Rising 4 will feature fast-moving zombies. These recently turned monsters still have more control over their senses, so they're able to move fast and track you down. Hiding apparently won't be as easy in this outing, which should help keep the action frantic.

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