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Death Stranding

A new photo for the behind-the-scenes pre-production of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding has surfaced. The image focuses on camera equipment and lighting setups, along with an actor in the background, slightly out of focus. With some internet sleuthing and some comparative shots, some gamers are convinced that Mads Mikkelsen is in Death Stranding.

Yes, the theory is that one of the coolest actors in Hollywood right now could end up being in Hideo Kojima's highly anticipated Death Stranding. IGN does a rundown of the information and the evidence available. They point to an image that Hideo Kojima posted up on his Twitter account, showcasing facial capture rigging and a resolute actor standing in the background. The image is focused on the camera bulb.

There's nothing about the image that would make you think that Mads Mikkelsen is in Death Stranding. It's just a guy in an orange hoody with some face-capturing tech hooked up to his head.

However, NeoGaf user Sn4ke_911 did some image sleuthing. He happened upon a photo with Mads Mikkelsen in an orange Nike hoody.

Of course, a lot of people wear orange hoodies. There's no reason to think more of Mads in an orange hoody than any other actor spotted in a photo with an orange hoody. However, the Instagram photo featuring Mads in the hoody was followed by a comment from the user who took the photo, jmerskine1. What does he mention? That Mads was in Sheffield, England due to some shooting... for a video game. Not only that, but the post further mentions that Mads was working specifically on a Japanese video game.

The really crazy news? The photo from Instagram user jmerskine1 and the photo that Hideo Kojima posted from the studio shoot were both taken on August 21st.

So if we compile the data, we have an actor in a facial capturing studio wearing an orange hoody. We have a photo of Mads Mikkelsen wearing an orange hoody on the exact same day. We have Hideo Kojima letting people know that the facial capture was for the game Death Stranding. We have Mads Mikkelsen apparently telling Instagram user jmerskine1 that he's acting in a Japanese video game.

I don't know if we could really sum this up as a theory so much as the biggest casting news for video games since Norman Reedus was revealed as the naked beach dude in Death Stranding.

Of course, we have absolutely no idea what role Mads Mikkelsen could be playing in the game, whether he's a villain or a good guy, or someone in between. We also really have no idea what the game is actually going to be about. The first post-Metal Gear Solid game by Hideo Kojima could go in all sorts of directions, but if it's true that Mads will be joining Norman Reedus in the upcoming Death Stranding, then that's massively huge news.

Now all we'll have to do is sit back and wait, biting our nails in anticipation for news to be confirmed that the Hannibal television series star really is going to be in the upcoming game.

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