One NFL Team Is Obsessed With Super Smash Brothers, Get The Details

Super Smash Bros 64
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The Tennessee Titans may be prepping for their first match of the season on September 11th, but the match on the field is not where there concerns lie. In fact, the team is more concerned with another competitive endeavor... Super Smash Bros.

According to IGN, the team have been putting in work on the field... the fighting field. The N64 version of Super Smash Bros has become the Tennessee Titans' go-to game for some competitive fun during down time. If they have ten or so minutes to spare, it's off to Super Smash Bros.

The original report from The Ringer explains that the locker room and practice facility had undergone major summer revisions and renovations, completely altering the setup, which included the removal of their flat-screen televisions and PlayStation units they had installed in the facility.

Without TVs and PlayStations, the Titans' left tackle Taylor Lewan, a draft pick for the team from 2014, opted to rectify their lack of proper entertainment in the facility. How did Lewan fix the problem? With Super Smash Bros.

The Ringer reports that Lewan brought his original N64 to the facility, along with working controllers and a copy of Super Smash Bros 64. They also report that Beau Brinkley "freaked out", exclaiming fond memories of the game and system since he received them as a gift for his 10th birthday. The team have become addicted to playing the game whenever they get a chance, and it's like they've managed to rekindle the kid in themselves now that the old-school console is in the practice facility.

A lot of users in the IGN comment section actually seemed to find the news somewhat refreshing (amongst the cynical bunch who simply did not care). There were gamers in the comment section stating that the N64 version of Super Smash Bros. is still one of their all time favorite games, and that they still play it regularly whenever they get the chance. Others praised Nintendo for making a great game that has managed to transcend the barrier of console generations and become a hallmark game to play for those looking for a great bit of time to spare on a fun fighting game.

The original Super Smash Bros on the N64 wasn't entirely my favorite from that era or on that system. I actually preferred Mario Kart 64 and WWF No Mercy, two games that I never got tired of playing no matter how long I had been playing them. Then again, there were a ton of games on the N64 that were great fun to play with friends around, and it's because of that the system has gone down in history as being one of the very best ever made. It came out during the golden age of gaming when developers were trying all sorts of cool and crazy new things, and innovation was being pushed all across the board.

While Super Smash Bros has gone on to get multiple sequels and become a staple in the e-sports FGC scene, it appears the Tennessee Titans are comfortable playing the original game that started it all on the N64.

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