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The Battlefield 1 beta is just around the corner and, thanks to a recent update from the developer, we now know when folks will be able to join the charge, whether you're a Battlefield Insider or just a basic recruit.

It turns out that one of the best ways to get information about a game might be to just blind tweet at the developers. One twitter user did exactly that and, in response, the Battlefield 1 team shared some info that had not been made public yet.

So there you have it. If you're a Battlefield Insider, you'll be able to jump in on the upcoming beta exactly one day earlier than all of the unwashed masses. Since the standard beta begins on August 31, that means the Insider crowd will be able to enjoy some Battlefield 1 carnage as early as tomorrow, Aug. 30.

There is one catch, though. As mentioned in the tweet, you needed to sign up to be a Battlefield Insider by no later than August 21 to be eligible for early access to the beta, so running to the site right now and signing up won't do you any good. Then again, you'll only be missing out on a day of play, so try not to sweat it too much.

As for how long the Battlefield 1 beta will run, well, we don't really know. Neither the developer or publisher EA have stated how long players will be able to relive those historical confrontations, so you might want to just try and get in as much as humanly possible while the getting is still good. These things don't typically last more than a week, but they've been known to wrap up after only a handful of days, too. Given the upcoming three-day weekend, we wouldn't be surprised if folks are able to play through next Monday, but that's only a guess at this point.

Sadly, we're still in the dark concerning things like pre-loading, too. The beta will likely take up quite a nice chunk of space, so it would be nice if folks could download the Battlefield 1 beta client a bit early, so as not to cut into that limited playing time. Seeing as how things are set to kick off tomorrow for Insiders, though, we're not holding our breath on that one.

If you aren't into this whole beta business and just want to enjoy Battlefield 1 when it launches, then you only have a couple more months to wait. Look for Battlefield 1 to arrive on Oct. 21.

In the meantime, we'd be interested in hearing what our readers think of this new (old) direction for the Battlefield series. Are you happy to see the series return to its old-school roots, or do you prefer the more modern settings? Let us know in the comments below.

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