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When the next update for Madden NFL 17 rolls out, it will take into account the recent controversy involving San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, turning the game into an unexpected platform for a current, divisive topic.

For those of you who haven't been following the latest football stories, Kaepernick recently elected to sit down during the National Anthem, stating that he did not wish to "show pride" in the Stars and Stripes, as it represents a country that "oppresses black people and people of color."

This, obviously, caused quite the commotion. Just as many folks rushed to defend Kaepernick's decision as those who rushed to scold him. As for the NFL, well, they now have something of an issue on their hands.

Being the home of the digital NFL, the folks at EA Sports have decided to actually address this issue in an upcoming update, adding commentary to the game that will discuss Kaepernick's sit-down where appropriate.

If you haven't been playing Madden as of late, you might not know that the developers have made a move to fit in new commentary on a regular basis, giving the game a more realistic feel as the voice of the game talks about events happening in the real world. It's actually a pretty rad concept that we wouldn't mind seeing utilized in other games. The only other example we can think of is Defiance, an MMO that tied together events from the show and the game on a regular basis.

Confirmation of this latest inclusion in Madden comes to us via Gamespot, who had a chat with the folks at EA following discussion of the current commentary feature.

According to the developer, Kaepernick's move will be mentioned "briefly," which they feel reflects the team's commitment to making Madden NFL 17 authentic. You can't really argue with that. It would be odd for EA to first commit to making commentary more realistic and then carefully sidestep the biggest story folks are talking about these days in relation to the NFL. We doubt the in-game version of commentators Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis will take a stand on the matter, but it's kind of neat that, controversial as it is, the event will get a mention.

According to the statement from EA, these commentary updates in Madden will typically focus on things like recent performances, trades and signings, but inclusion of Kaepernick's sit-down proves that they're willing to touch on other big news in the sport, too.

And now we turn to our readers. Do you think things like this whole Kaepernick incident have any place in video games? Would you like to see more games include updated commentary/content based on real-world events? Other than sports games, where might that kind of functionality be useful/enriching? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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