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Steam Just Added A Bunch Of Classic Sierra Games

If you can't get enough of old-school adventure games, then the latest batch of goodies making their way to Steam should have you excited. Get ready for a bunch of classic titles coming straight out of Sierra Entertainment's vault.

A collection of seven Sierra Entertainment games made their way to Steam yesterday, ranging from horror to fantasy adventure. Before we get too far into Sierra's background and why you should maybe give these games a gander, here's a list of the recent launches:

-Quest for Glory 1-5 ($9.99)

-Police Quest Collection ($9.99)

-Phantasmagoria ($9.99)

-Phantasmagoria 2 ($9.99)

-Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father ($5.99)

-The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery ($5.99)

-Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned ($5.99)

If you aren't familiar with Sierra's long and storied history, you've probably at least heard of King's Quest. Whether you're talking about the original point-and-click adventure or the episodic remake that came out last year, most folks are at least aware of this beloved Sierra title.

The company itself has been around for about as long as modern games, actually. Starting things off way back in 1980, Sierra was originally closed in 2008 after being picked up by Activision Blizzard. It was re-opened after a six-year break, now serving as an indie publisher under the Activision umbrella.

A collection of half a dozen or so King's Quest games are already available on Steam, making these recent additions to the virtual library a nice treat.

The Quest for Glory games are mostly focused on fantasy adventures while the Police Quest Collection has you solving crimes and walking "the thin blue line."

The Phantasmagoria games are all about chills and thrills, even if most of their jolts would be considered laughable by modern standards. Still a lot of fun, though.

The Gabriel Knight games, on the other hand, fall somewhere between Police Quest and Phantasmagoria. You're solving mysteries with a more distinct whodoneit vibe this time around, with an aesthetic that's far more advanced than the former but not going for the photo-realism of the latter.

If you like point-and-click adventures or a good mystery, these classic Sierra games are definitely worth checking out. They're also available at a pretty nice price, especially if you go for one of the collections that offers a bunch of games rolled into one.

And like all classic games, these bad boys come with the added bonus of being able to run on just about any PC. If you can load up Steam on your machine, you can run these games.

Now that all of these games are available on Steam, here's hoping other Sierra classics make an appearance, too.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.