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Folks have been enjoying the thrills of war in the Battlefield 1 beta for about a week now but, unfortunately, all such things must come to an end. Get in plenty of time online, folks, because theC beta is closing shop in just a couple of days.

According to the fine folks at EA, the Battlefield 1 beta is set to wrap up this Thursday, Sept. 8, meaning virtual soldiers only have about 48 more hours to enjoy their time in World War I. After that, the front lines will be closed until the game arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 21.

Going live last Wednesday, Aug. 31, for all comers, the Battlefield 1 beta has actually been going strong for a full week if you were a Battlefield Insider. Over the course of the past seven days, folks have had the opportunity to run through the sand, hide in deserted villages, fly old-school planes and unleash equally antiquated weaponry on their foes, so long as the servers were holding strong.

Still, the beta has been chugging along and, until today, nobody knew when it would be coming to a close. Thankfully, the official Battlefield Twitter account has all of the details, complete with a great gif that shows off the intensity of BF1 warfare over the course of about four seconds.

This should come as no surprise, but the Battlefield 1 team has confirmed that, no, progress from the beta will not continue into the full game. The servers will soon be wiped and, once Battlefield 1 launches next month, everyone will begin the game on the same footing.

Unfortunately, while we know that the beta will wrap up this Thursday, we still don't have a timeline explaining when, exactly, the virtual warfare will come to an end. Midnight? Eastern or Pacific Time? Greenwich Mean Time? No clue. Our suggestion is that, if you're enjoying yourself, just try and get in as much time with BF1 between now and Thursday as humanly possible.

That might actually be easier said than done, though. Battlefield 1 has already had some server issues during the beta, reportedly due to the work of yet another bored hacking group. In the coming days, though, EA has announced that the team will be simulating "extreme launch situations" to test out servers. In other words, there's a chance that the next couple of days might offer as much downtime as wartime. Still, it's a beta, and that's kind of the point of these things. EA wants to make sure that Battlefield 1 doesn't crash at launch, and steps like these help make that a reality.

Of course, we'd be happy to hear how the Battlefield 1 beta has been treating our readers. Feel free to share your early thoughts in the comments section below.

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