The folks over at BioWare have launched a contest to add the voice of a lucky gamer into the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda. Checking out the scripts for the audition, though, may have revealed some information pertaining to the highly anticipated space opera, specifically potential characters.

The contest is being hosted off of the BioWare blog and it's called, quite simply, "Explorers Wanted." The rules are pretty simple, too. The team wants folks to submit a recording of them reading one of two scripts that are provided in the initial post. After that, they encourage folks to share their submissions via social media with a designated hashtag, which should make for a nice bit of gratis marketing for the game.

If the team loves your voice, they'll invite you to do a recording for one of the characters. The rules state that no accents, makeup, costumes or props are necessary, just you and your lovely pipes. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 28, so you might want to step on it if you're planning to take part.

In the meantime, let's take a quick gander at those Andromeda scripts, which are provided in the same post. To be clear, it's totally possible that these are mock scripts written specifically for this contest. If that's not the case, though, then we may be getting a sneak peek into the world of the latest Mass Effect game.

The first script, called "Scene One," puts you in the role of Jordan Tate, a "freelance vidmaker." Along with a handful of direction notes, we get a feel for this Jordan character and a few comments pertaining to the game world itself. Previous games have had reporters, and it seems like Jordan might be filling that role this time around. Jordan is also a nice, neutral name, which we're guessing was intentional to make the role open to pretty much anyone.

The same goes for the "Scene Two" script, which features the role of a "Tough Mercenary." This script also mentions a character named "Sanders," who sounds like a potential villain within the Andromeda universe. You can take a look at the ad for the contest below.

If nothing else, this should make for some interesting Youtube and Twitter holes to fall down once folks start uploading their takes. Our advice would be to do exactly as the BioWare team suggests and keep things simple. Don't try to do an accent or overplay the role; just figure out what you would sound like as one of these characters and take your best crack at it.

Not that we needed any additional hype for Andromeda, but it's pretty cool to see a developer working to put a fan into their next major game. Good luck in the recording process. Feel free to tell us how your submission goes in the comments section below.

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