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Ubisoft is gearing up for the next big test for The Division. The public test server is scheduled to go live on Thursday this week but there are certain things you will need in order to participate, this will not be an open beta like some previous PTS events.

Over on Reddit, a user named LarsTheDevil detailed all the important information that came out of a live-stream that Ubisoft held for the upcoming public test server for The Division. First of all, the PTS will go live on Thursday for version 1.4 at 9:00am CEST, 3:00am for those in the EDT and apparently 12:00am for those in the PDT. You'll need to check your timezone to see where you fit within the PTS starting schedule. Next up, you will need a fully working copy of the PC version of The Division. You cannot use the previous beta builds, demos, alpha test versions or any other half-done rendition of the game. You will need to own a full copy of The Division.

Now one of the highlights of this new public test server for the upcoming version of the game is that there will be no NDAs in place. Non-disclosure agreements often have to be signed if you join up with betas, alphas or test servers of this sort to prevent important information from leaking. You could also be in some serious legal trouble if a company finds out that you are leaking goods after signing an NDA.

Ubisoft apparently has a lot of trust in version 1.4 because not only will there be no NDA there will also be no restrictions on streamers putting up content. So for better or for worse, people will be able to see exactly what works and what doesn't in the upcoming public test server for The Division. In a way, it's good because now you can crowd-source your quality assurance testing. As bugs begin to appear and pop up, they can literally use the streaming data for reference assuming anything major does pop up. It's smart actually and saves a lot money on having lots of expensive teams of QA comb over every single line of playable code by scouring the game from top to bottom and every inch in between.

In addition to this -- and possibly one of the most important details -- there will be predesignated characters handed out to those in the first week of playing on the public test server. You will have a "fresh" level 30 character with only level purple equipment to test the World Tier leveling. For the entire first week of the public test server, you will only have the predesignated level 30 to play. The objective is to test them from top to bottom and give feedback on the Ubisoft forums.

On week two of the public test server, gamers will be able to play with their own custom character on the server. This will enable you to use your character on the World Tier in version 1.4 to farm to your heart's content within The Division. They do not specify how long the PTS will run for during week two; but for now, it's only listed that it will be available for a week.

There will be a third step as well, the timing for the third step has not been identified but it involves Ubisoft giving gamers various weapons and gear sets within The Division to test out and experiment with said items for version 1.4. They will also have a special gameplay preview for 1.4 starting tomorrow on September 21st.

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