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City State Entertainment rolled out a massive changelog for the progress that's being made in Camelot Unchained as it moves through the beta process and one step closer toward a release. There are a lot of new additions, updates, fixes and optimizations implemented.

The details of the updates and progress were outlined in a post on the Camelot Unchained website that starts with a top 10 list of things they've tweaked or worked on, and then goes further into detail with all the other features they've been working adding.

A lot of the basic stuff in Camelot Unchained includes fixes and optimization for threading and RAM usage, which is needed to make the game run well. They've improved the way terrain is generated in a new world, and added debugging and logging for bot play.

They've made some changes to the magic system, adding in heal over times and damage over time effects. Plus they updated the French version of the Camelot Unchained website to accommodate their French speaking audience, which included updated profiles and information for some of the faction classes and abilities.

And speaking of factions... some developers wanted to see more faction-specific weapons for each of the groups; the Camelot Unchained team complied. They've been adding in various weapons to the game, from one-handed long swords to two-handed epic weapons. The weapon selection also spans two-handed spears for each faction as well. They found a new way to get modeling passes done quicker so expect to see a lot more weapons in the game as they continue to move through beta.

I do wonder if we'll see the kind of weapon selection present in a game like Mount & Blade, given that they've found a more efficient way of getting weapon models done.

They've also done a lot of backend work as well, including adding server-side cooldowns for skills, so players can't spam the most powerful magic from their client. This puts the game more in line with other MMOs like World of Warcraft, where a lot of technical minutiae such as magic attacks, cooldowns and damage calculations are handled server-side.

Another more aesthetic request made by backers centered around the game's time of day aspect and the way the sky reflects those changes. In simple terms, they've added celestial bodies to the game, such as moon materials and increased resolution. The backers wanted to see different shades from the time of day as well as different colors of the sun and moon depending on certain conditions, similar to games like GTA V or Just Cause 3 where weather and time affects how the game world is rendered.

In the post it's mentioned that the road to getting to beta 1 has been a long and arduous journey, but they're getting close to the end. The developers also had to improve the walking and running animations of the characters, which they plan on adding in next week. There are still have a lot of new weapons and assets to add to the game as well, including a series of new Viking weapons such as axes and polearms, along with a variety of unique looking spears.

Overall, City State Entertainment still has a lot more planned to get done before the next beta phase but they seem to be making a lot of progress in a short of amount of time.

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