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DICE and Electronic Arts decided to try something a little different with the story trailer for Battlefield 1. Instead of being a collection of explosions and gunfire (of which there are still plenty tucked into the trailer), it offers gamers a more compelling look at the characters operating within the gritty and violent war.

The trailer went up recently over on the official Battlefield YouTube channel. It's two minutes, even, and starts off with an incomprehensible bang. The idea is to barrage viewers with violence and then stop and scale back. It adds context to the grit by explaining that there human beings behind the guns, in the cockpits, driving the tanks and fighting the wars. It attempts to add characterization to the early 20th century global conflict.

We get short clips of what appears to be multiple intersecting stories in Battlefield 1, chronicling the friendship of two pilots, an Arabian fighter, a tank operator, and more. I'm not sure exactly how long the story mode will be, but it appears to span various regions and cultures fighting for their respective nations.

One of the questions people had about Battlefield 1 was being able to play as a female, and we see that one of the main characters in the story mode does appear to be female.

The campaign seems to stretch across the world, giving gamers a wide range of different factions to play, each seemingly having a focus on their particular story arc. One thing that I'm curious about is if the campaign for those factions will stick to specific themes. We see the tank gunner mostly involved with tanks -- does that mean the entire campaign for the gunner crew will center around using tanks? And likewise for the pilots -- will all their missions take place in the air? It appears as if there will be a lot of horseback riding during the mid-east segments as well.

If there are themed gameplay sections for each of the factions in Battlefield 1's story mode then that would be pretty cool.

The general reaction for the trailer has been exceedingly positive. DICE seems to have been knocking it out of the park when it comes to the promotional material for Battlefield 1. The Frostbite has been looking like Hollywood-grade technology in the way it depicts the lighting, screen space occlusion and moody color tones to give the game that gritty, World War I look. The bloody, muddy battle sequences and aerial shots all look fantastic.

Some of the people in the comment section on the YouTube video noted that it looked like a trailer for an HBO mini-series drama like Band of Brothers. It's hard to deny the similarities based on the way the story trailer is cut together.

We haven't actually seen any of the campaign gameplay yet, so I'm still waiting to see that in action, but the campaign story looks very compelling. You'll be able to jump into the action on October 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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