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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is still a bit over a month away from launching but, depending on which version of the game you buy, you could start playing the bonus game, Modern Warfare Remastered, as early as next week. In case you need some extra convincing, here's a look at the rather spectacular launch trailer for the game.

When Modern Warfare first launched, it basically redefined the FPS landscape. You were either Call of Duty, or you were a distant second and grouped together as "everything else." While the series will be heading further than ever into the future with its next outing, Infinite Warfare, the developers certainly haven't forgotten their roots.

As a pretty great bonus, folks who buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare can get their hands on a remastered copy of the original Modern Warfare, boasting the full campaign and a whole bunch of multiplayer maps to enjoy. Even cooler is the fact that you won't have to necessarily wait until Nov. 4 to play this new spin on a familiar adventure.

You'll need to act petty quickly, but folks who pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Legacy edition of Infinite Warfare for the PlayStation 4 will be able to get their hands on the campaign portion of Modern Warfare Remastered next Wednesday, Oct. 5. That's a full month before the rest of the crowd can get in on the action, giving you plenty of time to play through the campaign and be ready to dive into Infinite Warfare when it finally arrives.

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Sadly, the trailer and announcement are specific about this being early access to the Modern Warfare campaign, so don't count on being able to jump into the online component until the full launch on Nov. 4.

As you can see in the launch trailer, Modern Warfare has certainly aged well. We're sure making the older shooter look so good took a lot of work, so bravo to the team who dusted it off and made it look like it belongs on modern consoles.

This is a pretty subtle trailer by today's standards, ditching fancied-up versions of rock songs and fast-as-lightening cuts for some building drums and footage that reminds you why folks liked Modern Warfare so much in the first place. I imagine anyone who plays modern shooters but missed out on Modern Warfare the first go round might be a bit surprised when they discover how many genre staples started off right here.

The trailer does a nice job of showing off some big moments from the game, which likely look exactly how your rose-tinted memory recalls.

As an added bonus, your pre-order will also get you access to the Infinite Warfare beta on PS4, so couple that with the early access to Modern Warfare Remastered, and the wait to Nov. 4 is suddenly a lot shorter.

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