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DICE and Electronic Arts lifted part of the embargo on Battlefield 1 video footage, allowing YouTubers to post up 12 minutes worth of gameplay footage showcasing the early first mission in the game's single-player campaign, revealing an unbelievably gruesome and gritty tutorial segment.

The videos have been making their way around YouTube, with the channel Westie hosting the first 12 minutes of gameplay for DICE's highly anticipated first-person shooter.

One of the things that you'll notice right from the start is that the game lets you know that you're not expected to survive very long. This is the complete opposite of most other first-person shooter games, where usually players are told to stay alive and not die. In this case, Battlefield 1 doesn't punish the player for biting the dust. In fact, players are expected to die in the game, a complete departure from the typical FPS model.

Things start in the thick of the battle on a dark, gritty, bloody field. The objective is to hold out and survive as long as possible -- to prevent the German troops for further advancing. Things don't go so well, though, and players are killed by a flamethrower eventually.

A few more segments play out, where players are thrust into the heat of the battle on the map, attempting to survive while they're being overwhelmed by enemy forces. Battlefield 1 doesn't hold back on the desperation and feeling of pure hopelessness. Even when players get to briefly ride in the tank shooting down enemy soldiers, it doesn't last long... that feeling of invincibility is quickly washed away when an air raid takes out the tank, putting players back into the shoes of a soldier whose boots are firmly planted in the ground.

The tutorial phase in Battlefield 1 is very much unlike other tutorials in other games. Typically players are put into the shoes of a hero who mows down enemies and barely takes damage, but in this case DICE sets the tone by letting gamers know that this is not a typical shooter. You aren't always going to come out unscathed and you aren't always going to be the hero.

The single-player clip ends with a short cinematic scene of two soldiers left standing amidst the ruins of dead bodies, burned structures and charred grounds. The two of them realize that it isn't worth killing each other over and decide to walk away.

At the end of the intro level it gives gamers a glimpse at some of the other playable segments in the game, including the two pilots, an Arabian spy, and a British tank crew.

There has been a lot of positive feedback for Battlefield 1 so far, and the game seems to be shaping up to be a heck of a lot bigger and a lot more dramatic than people may have been expecting. Call of Duty is going to have some serious competition this year, especially with Titanfall 2 launching shortly after Battlefield 1.