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Google's Daydream View is their latest endeavor to tackle the VR market in addition to the low-cost Cardboard. The Daydream was announced earlier this year but now they have a release window and a price for the new VR headset, which is said to be lighter and more efficient than current market offerings.

Daydream View

Polygon did a write-up on the Daydream View, revealing that the new headset is due for release in November next month. Google also revealed that the Daydream View headset will definitely cost a lot more than the Google Cardboard, but won't be anywhere near as expensive as rivals such as the Gear VR, PlayStation VR, the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

You'll be able to get the Daydream View for only $79.99, which is one of the cheapest forms of a quality VR headset on the market. Samsung's Gear VR is $99.99 and works with Android-based devices, so Google is undercutting Samsung by $20. That may not seem like much, but if people are looking to dip their toes into VR, the cheaper $79.99 option would likely take precedence over the $99.99 set.

Both the Daydream View and Gear VR are quite similar in how they operate, with the Daydream View being able to connect to mobile devices via wireless setup. While the Gear VR connects to Samsung Galaxy smart devices, the Daydream View is compatible only with devices running Google's Daydream API and will also work with Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

The new VR headset will also come packaged with a wireless two-button controller. The controller uses a touchpad for navigation, and the touchpad itself also works as a button since it can be depressed. There are motion sensors within the controller for allowing certain swinging and pointing gestures, but they don't detail the accuracy of the device, or the range of applications that one can expect to use it with.

The outer fabric is made of a microfiber material and the internal face mask can supposedly be removed, allowing users to hand-wash it in case it gets dirty from all the intense use of experiencing VR in real-time.

According to Google, the Daydream View will be 30% lighter than the Samsung Gear VR, as Google is aiming to be efficient, light and stylish with a cost-effective price.

Based on the Polygon report it doesn't sound as if just any app from any VR platform will work with the Daydream View. Given that the Daydream itself is a software platform, it does sound as if apps will have to be made specifically for the device. They mention a sequel to CCP's Gunjack being in the works for Google's new headset, along with edutainment software and entertainment apps such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO having apps being made for the Daydream platform.

Google will also supposedly have their own line-up of movies, maps and photo apps that will be compatible with the headset, and separate from current productivity apps available on VR platforms.

The company is hoping to leverage the spread of the new virtual reality device by giving the Daydream View away for free to anyone who pre-orders the Pixel or Pixel XL smartphones in the U.S.

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