The two primary PC based VR platforms today are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vice. One of the biggest differences between the two at launch was that the Vive included controls for your hands, while the Oculus Rift did not. However, the Oculus is on the verge of catching up. Today, the Oculus Touch controls were officially announced, and while the controls will be exciting, what really interesting, is what you'll be able to do with them.

The Oculus Connect 3 event was held today and among many, many other things, they showed off three game trailers for titles that will be released within the launch window of the Touch controls. This will bring first person shooters to the Rift, and give you a real experience like firing a gun. All three titles look amazing and we have to assume they will be even more impressive in an actual VR experience. Check them out.


Arktika.1 comes from the developers of the Metro game series. Like those titles, the game shows a post-apocalyptic Russia as its setting. In addition, the title looks to take place primarily underground. We would actually consider this to be a potential sequel in the series, thought the trailer tells us that this is a new vision of the apocalypse. The game shows customizable weapons which lead to a variety of different attacks against the various enemies. One of the difficult things these sorts of games could run into is being too repetitive, yet Arktika.1 certainly looks to give you enough differences in the combat to keep things interesting.

Robo Recall

From Epic Games, a company that knows a thing or two about shooters, comes Robo Recall. This title may not be quite as involved as some others, it's already been announced that the game will be free when it launches early next year, which would imply that it's probably not a full game as we would consider it. Still, the game looks great. Certainly brighter and cleaner than Arktika.1. The trailer is entertaining with the mixture of the commercial for your own personal robot servant, and those same robots on the rampage trying to kill you. Robo Recall looks to be focused on creative destruction, earning more points for combination kills and varying your attacks. This could be where the replayability is expected. If creative enough, it's the sort of game you could potentially spend a lot of time inside.

Lone Echo

On the other end of the spectrum from the other two games is Lone Echo from developer Ready at Dawn. This one doesn't appear to have any guns or really any combat at all. Instead, your hands are used to manipulate tools, or even to get along the environment as you move through the vacuum of space. The story here appears to be the key thing as it unfolds around you, as Jack. Even without actually wearing a VR headset Lone Echo feels immersive. We can't wait to get a look, and feel, for what the game is like as the events we see here actually take place around us.

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