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Kickstarter darling Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night won't be making its initial launch date but, according to the game's director, there's a very good reason for that. It turns out the game's crowdfunding campaign was too successful.

It might sound a bit odd to put it that way but, according to a recent IGN chat with director Koji Igarashi, that's basically what's holding the launch up.

Back in 2015, Igarashi took to Kickstarter to fund his next game. Known for being the brilliant mind behind Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the director stated that he wanted to return to the beloved 2D exploration genre for his latest project, which he considered a spiritual successor to what many consider the best Metroidvania game on the market.

Genre fans spoke with their dollars, breaking Kickstarter records by raking in a whopping $5.5 million for Bloodstained's development.

As is usually the case with these Kickstarter projects, stretch goals were tacked on once the funding goal was reached. As you might guess from that $5.5 million total, that meant that Bloodstained was able to pull in enough funding for quite a few extra features along the way.

As Igarashi puts it, Kickstarter doesn't allow project creators to tamper with certain aspects of their campaigns once created and, as the features got piled on, it became obvious that a 2017 launch date would not be possible. As a result, Igarashi announced earlier this year that Bloodstained would be pushed all the way to 2018.

The second that we started to hit so many stretch goals, it became more than one standard team could make. So unless we made this 100-person team size, then there's no way we were going to be able to finish it by the original date.

Igarashi explained that, once set in motion, he could not change the projected launch date of his game on the Kickstarter page. After giving it their best go, he said it became apparent that the team either needed more members and time, or they would have to drop the quality of the game. If you ask us, adding more team and time is always the correct answer in these kinds of situations.

As a result, Igarashi has pushed the game back by a sizable amount and, this week, has announced a partnership with 505 Games to help build the final product. That means more people putting in more time on more features for Bloodstained so, again, we see this as a good thing. So long as we don't get Mighty No. 9 levels of delays, I think fans would agree that a highly anticipated game done right, versus right now, is the way to go.

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