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The VR scene is really heating up, with all major competitors looking for that killer app to give them a little edge. According to some recent rumors, the team at Valve may have found their champion in the Half-Life universe.

Yes, we just mentioned Half-Life, so now everybody has to take a drink. Considered the gauge by which many gamers measure first-person shooters, folks won't let the series fade into the background despite the fact that it's been many, many years since we've had anything concrete on a new game.

Despite years of teasing, rumors, and speculation that Half-Life 3 was on the way, however, the latest buzz going around the internet is that the next outing for the series might actually take place in the virtual space.

The folks over at the Valve News Network did a little code digging recently and have discovered something that may point to a Half-Live VR experience being developed. According to their latest video, a DOTA2 update went live recently, containing a bit of code for a glass panel that, when shattered, is "used to force the HLVR player to speak."

In other words, the whole point of the glass breaking is to trigger a bit of dialogue from the player. However, the code refers directly to HLVR and, given the source, the logical conclusion is that those letters stand for Half-Life VR.

But that's not all. The VNN folks dug a bit deeper, widening their search to a recent update to the Steam VR app. Several new "destinations" now point to HLVR for items such as weapons and ammo, only strengthening the evidence that Half-Life VR is in the works. Or, of course, those letters could point to something else entirely. Heck, they may even be obsolete and refer to nothing at this point, but it certainly makes us wonder.

At this point, until someone from Valve marches out on a stage and shows me a completed Half-Life game, I'm pumping the breaks on any excitement. There have been too many false alarms spread over too many years for me to get my hopes up all over again. Would I like to see a Half-Life VR game, though? You betchya.

And honestly, such a game would probably be a very wise move for Valve. Again, there are quite a few games getting early buzz on this whole VR scene, but nothing has stolen the show just yet. Nobody is saying "this is the game that you have to get VR for." Based on name alone, a Half-Life game set in VR would probably spur on a few buyers who have not yet settled on which headset they plan to buy. With the PlayStation VR releasing in just a couple of days, now wouldn't be a bad time to steal some of that thunder.

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