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Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, made it clear that they weren't giving up on Battleborn, despite the game being stillborn in sales. Pitchford had made it known that they would be releasing new DLC for the game, and that announcement was followed up with a trailer.

The video was posted up over on the official Battleborn YouTube channel, featuring a noir take on the first-person shooter's upcoming Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion DLC, which is available today, featuring a new multiplayer mode and a new story chapter centering around Attikus.

The trailer starts with a dark and stormy night, as Battleborn hero Attikus explains that the problems of his clients become his own. This is done by voiceover, like a typical 1930s hard-nosed detective flick. Instead of being in black and white the theme is is set to a monochrome scale with an infrared outline for Attikus.

The dialogue is classic detective noir -- he talks about the troubles of being backstabbed, the perks of the job and all the typical tropes you would expect from the pulp fiction. The only cliché missing from the trailer was the proverbial woman in a red dress. They do highlight that there are a pair of femme fatales arriving in the new DLC, so they still manage to fit within the noir themes.

I have no idea if the actual noir elements will be featured in the upcoming DLC, but the description in the YouTube video mentions that players will relive the Thrall empire and get a better understanding of how Attikus was motivated to take action. The description also says that the entire DLC will have a film noir flair to it, so this is likely Gearbox's attempt at creating separation between Battleborn and Overwatch with the new DLC.

Both games came out in May, and even though Gearbox beat Blizzard to the punch by releasing their game earlier in the month, it didn't matter because most people ignored it in favor of the more character-rich hero shooter, Overwatch.

While there was more gameplay depth to Battleborn, the problem was that it was difficult to see anything happening on screen due to the overbearing UI, low FOV and the gaudy special effects that inhibited the visibility of the gameplay. There was also the issue with the game not having very marketable heroes. It was tough to identify with most of the characters from Gearbox's title, as opposed to some of the more down-to-Earth stories that Blizzard constructed for the heroes and villains in Overwatch.

This new DLC is Gearbox's attempt to try to revitalize the low player count in Battleborn. Pitchford admitted that the player count for the game on PC has been exceptionally low and they've been trying to find ways to boost it. Their fix? DLC. Most players aren't interested in DLC for games they aren't interested in, but they're trying it anyway with the new DLC that just launched today.

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