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The original creator of Diablo made a cryptic tweet that had the internet abuzz. There was so much buzz in fact, that he had to later come back and announce that the buzz was misplaced and that a fourth Diablo game being announced at BlizzCon this year is not something you should get your hopes up for.

David Brevik is considered to be the grandfather of the action-RPG genre. He helped create the Diablo franchise and turn it into the blockbuster that it is thanks to his work on the first game and the sequel, Diablo II. The tweet above is in response to another cryptic tweet he originally made, where he mentions that he would be taking on an adviser role and that Diablo-like games helped pushed the boundaries in the ARPG genre. You can check it out below.

That tweet sent shock waves through the community because everyone originally thought that Brevik meant that he would be taking on an adviser's role in the next Diablo game by Blizzard Entertainment.

All of the responses were praising and thanking Brevik for coming back to the Diablo franchise. Only, that's not what the tweet was trying to convey.

The actual syntax is actually easy to confuse for meaning something that it doesn't, because it mentions Diablo and Brevik's role as an adviser on a new game. However, Brevik is actually talking about "Diablo-like games". The "like" modifier removes the context of the tweet being directly and solely about Diablo and instead is about action-RPGs in general.

The next part of the tweet is that he's saying he's proud to be an "adviser" for "the game" that is going to push the genre to new heights. So he's talking about a game that is new, and it's going to be pushing the genre to new heights. "The game" is not Diablo 4, however. It's simply some unannounced title that at least we know will be set within the action-RPG genre.

Again, the syntax looks like it's talking directly about a new Diablo title, and it definitely caused enough excitement get a lot of people pumped up, even prompting Eurogamer to give it some coverage and questioning if we could be seeing the fourth canonical game in the series at this year's BlizzCon -- especially following up on the news that Blizzard was hiring for a new Diablo title. However, Brevik cleanly and clearly shoots down the claims to avoid any confusion.

The likelihood is that another company is looking to get into the ARPG space and challenge Blizzard for dominance and they're looking for a top notch adviser to help them bring their game to life. Who better than the creator of Diablo?

Brevik previously worked on Marvel Heroes under the Gazillion Entertainment label, but he ended up parting ways earlier this year when he stepped down and resigned from his role as CEO from the company after six years of running the studio.

Whatever this new project is could end up being something big. We've definitely been here before with previous Diablo-killers, including Grim Dawn, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and even Torchlight and Path of Exile, but none of them have been able to touch or dethrone Diablo. So we'll see if Brevik's role as an adviser on whatever this new project is turns out to be the game-changer that pushes the genre to heights, just like he says it will.

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