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Titanfall 2

EA and Respawn Entertainment are prepping for the October 28th release of Titanfall 2, which is just days away, but there's already talk about a third game in the series circulating the community. Well, Vince Zampella, the creator of Titanfall, chimed in about the trilogy.

Speaking on IGN Unfiltered, Zampella was asked if they would consider a third game in the Titanfall franchise, and he explained that it's possible, but they haven't put anything into stone just yet...

We don't have necessarily a trilogy in mind. You always hope when you create something that it's embraced and that people will love it for generations to come, I hope we do more of it. We probably plan to do more--as you know, we have the mobile games as well. I would like to see the universe live on. I think it's very expandable. I think there's a lot we can do with it. There's a lot of great ideas floating around here [at Respawn] that I would love to see come to life.

Throughout the interview Zampella talked about the early days of Infinity Ward, helping turn Call of Duty into a mega-billion dollar franchise, and then moving on and developing games under the Respawn Entertainment label for Electronic Arts. Interestingly enough, Zampella mentioned that the first Titanfall had its fair share of problems but they're aiming to rectify and evolve on that core concept with the sequel.

The success of Titanfall 2 will determine where the series goes from there, but in a way they've been put in a bad spot with the release of Battlefield 1 this week and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare due to launch during the first week of November. Titanfall 2 falls squarely in between both AAA releases, and despite being a AAA game itself, it's kind of in an underdog position due to a rather subdued marketing campaign by Electronic Arts.

Ultimately, the success of the mech-shooter will depend greatly on word of mouth, YouTube saturation and the actual quality of gameplay. It's going to be a really tough uphill struggle because a lot of gamers are going to be putting in some serious work and time into Battlefield 1.

However, the caveat is that if you're looking for a sci-fi shooter, Titanfall 2 is geared up to directly cannibalize the sci-fi shooter space that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare occupies. If they're successful, then as Zampella points out in the quote above, they'll be able to move forward with a Titanfall 3. If they have a slow uptick in sales with a strong tail-end, there might also be a justification for a third game.

However, if the sales fall flat this holiday season I'm curious what will happen to the franchise and if EA will let it go dormant or reflect on the fact that they had two massive games with two strong branding identities going head to head under their own publishing label during the crowded fall line-up?

For the sake of expanding on a brand new IP, I hope that Titanfall 2 does well enough and we'll see more from Respawn Entertainment, and I'm glad Zampella and the crew are keeping the door open for a possible trilogy.

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