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It turns out that platform exclusive games still have the ability to rile up folks. One recently announced console game has basically done that overnight, resulting in plenty of outcry on social media and even a petition coming out of the PC camp.

In case you somehow missed the past few days' worth of news, Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been confirmed. Rockstar Games and Take-Two hinted at the game in the past but, this week, a trio of tweets and images have shown the game (quite literally) marching toward an announcement.

However, as we pointed out following the official announcement yesterday morning, Red Dead Redemption 2 has only thus far been announced as a Fall 2017 game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In other words, if you're gaming on a PC, you might be a lonely cowpoke when this highly anticipated sequel finally rides onto the scene.

As is often the case these days, the result of this revelation has been a petition for a PC version of Red Dead 2. While some might consider this an act of silliness by a gaming community that has become more and more entitled over the years, others would argue that it's simply a group of folks wanting to prove there are enough people interested in Red Dead on PC to warrant the extra work on the part of the developer.

To be fair, the first Red Dead Redemption was never released for PC, but it's not like Rockstar has never ported their games to the platform. Still, it's pretty clear at this point that, for the most part, the developer is simply uninterested in developing on that front.

Our guess is that Rockstar is going to pull a Grand Theft Auto V with this one. Similar to Red Dead, GTAV is a big game full of many, many moving parts. With GTA, the developer nailed things down on the console front and, about a year and a half later, finally launched the game on PC. We can't say we blame them for wanting to target their biggest market first and avoid allocating resources to PC development until they feel that they've got a handle on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of their game.

We understand PC gamers being upset over this, so long as everyone understands that they are ultimately owed nothing. A request for Rockstar to consider adding PC development to their plate is reasonable but, considering how the community has reacted to developers as of late, we doubt that Rockstar is receiving any messages, tweets, etc. that could be considered "polite."

If you feel that signing the petition will be enough to sway Rockstar's mind concerning Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, then feel free to add your name to the list. There are currently nearly 23,000 names on the petition so, assuming those are legitimate, maybe it'll be enough to bring about a change of heart.

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