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Overwatch fans are likely disappointed today as a long-running ARG has drawn to a close with, well, what appears to be even more ARG shenanigans. So much for the anticipated Sombra reveal!

One of the things that sets Overwatch apart from other arena shooters is that the game actually has a pretty deep bit of lore running through its core. The characters have history together, they're competing in a world where power is always being pulled in several different directions and there's all sorts of other corporations, outside characters and the like coming into play.

From some of Overwatch's earliest days, players have been treated to snippets of information about a person known only as Sombra. She's a hacker who has popped up in the story a few times and, as of late, an ongoing ARG featured her as a prominent character.

Most recently, the ARG featured a status bar that was slowly filling up. That bar finally maxed out today, at which point pretty much everybody assumed Sombra would finally be introduced as a playable character in Overwatch. Keep in mind that Blizzard has never really said much officially concerning Sombra and certainly never claimed that the status bar was leading up to a character reveal. But things like this have a tendency to build up a sort of hive think. Enough people say "it's got to be leading to a Sombra launch" and people start to assume that must be the case. Which is where the disappointment comes from.

Still, the Sombra game still seems to be afoot. Using what little information is still available on the ARG page, folks are pouring through everything they can find in order to gain any new details. There are even reports that blinking lights in Overwatch are actually Morse code for "Sombra." Clearly, Blizzard isn't done having fun just yet, even if the community seems past done with waiting for an actual reveal.

But with Blizzcon coming up in like a month, we're surprised folks thought this would be the ideal time to launch Sombra or any other new character in Overwatch. It's much less exciting to talk about "that thing we did a month ago" and far more exciting to talk about "what we're doing today." Of course, that's just speculation. But if we were going to have an ARG for Sombra lead anywhere, it would be to a Blizzcon 2016 unveiling. She could even "hack" a press conference for her big moment, yeah?

Of course, we're interested in what you folks think about all of this. Are you tired of Overwatch playing games with Sombra or are you enjoying the ride? Give us the details in the comments below.

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