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One of the most recognized killers in the San Francisco area is the Zodiac Killer. The killings went unsolved and the mysterious madman was never caught. Well, you will get a chance to catch him in Watch Dogs 2.

Ubisoft posted up the trailer over on their official YouTube channel. The trailer reveals that the Zodiac Killer has returned to San Francisco and that he's been waiting for someone like Marcus in order continue releasing clues and playing the cat and mouse game.

Players will be charged with following the clues for the murders and attempting to track down the Zodiac Killer in Watch Dogs 2.

The pre-order bonus mission also comes with a pre-order bonus outfit featuring an "I Saw The Zodiac Killer" getup for Marcus.

The comment section on the YouTube video is rife with Ted Cruz jokes, because it's become a running meme that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.

The details of the mission aren't really explored in depth, likely because they expect people to buy the game after pre-ordering it in order to get the full experience of the mission.

Watch Dogs 2 takes a lot of what worked from the first game and expands on it. The hacking is still in the game, using Square (or the 'X' button if you're an Xbox gamer) to hack into objects, vehicles and cellphones. The hacking is integral for carrying out stealth missions, acquiring data from NPCs (and other players) as well as operating machinery and even destroying some objects.

They've expanded on the gameplay with flyable drones that can be used to also hack hard-to-reach places or scout out areas and identify hostile targets. A remote controlled robot can also be utilized as an attention-free utility that can unlock doors, hack into computers and access areas that might be heavily guarded by security.

Ubisoft also completely reworked the vehicle physics in Watch Dogs 2, taking a page out of Rockstar's book and making the physics more arcade-like, similar to GTA V. If you like the generic arcade physics from GTA V, you'll be right at home with Watch Dogs 2.

New shops and interactivity options have been added, including buying vehicles, buying clothes, buying weapons and even 3D printing weapons out of the Deadsec home base.

Multiplayer is also making a return and Ubisoft is utilizing the seamless integration that they tried in the previous game. Only this time, in Watch Dogs 2, they've stepped it up even more so you'll never really know when someone else will hop into your game. The multiplayer could be one of the biggest draws for the title just like it was for the first Watch Dogs.

You can look for the hacktion game to launch on November 15th for the Xbox One and PS4 with the PC version launching on November 29th. You can only get your hands on the Zodiac Killer mission by pre-ordering the game. However, you should really, really be mindful of pre-order culture and how it has backfired and burned a lot of gamers in recent years, so be wary.

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