With BlizzCon just around the corner, the folks at Blizzard have finally launched details on virtual tickets for the event, including all sorts of details on in-game goodies included in the cost, additional features you'll be able to take advantage of and more.

If you're hoping to soak up all of that BlizzCon goodness and learn everything there is to know concerning games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and beyond, then you'll want to grab yourself a virtual ticket to the 2016 event, scheduled to take place from Nov. 4-5. Here's a rundown everything you need to know.

What do you need?

Well, for starters, you're going to want to actually purchase a virtual ticket. That'll set you back $39.99 and can be accomplished on Blizzard's website. You're limited to one ticket per account, and they also mention that all content will be broadcast in English only and the schedule will be in Pacific time.

Other than that, you'll need a solid internet connection and, yep, a account. Streaming content is best supported in the following browsers: Chrome 51.x, Firefox 47.x, Safari 9.x and Internet Explorer 11.x.

What will you see?

Through November 4-5, you'll gain access to pretty much everything that's going on at BlizzCon without the hassle of actually going to the show. You'll get to see all press conferences, panels, contests, interviews and the closing ceremony. Perhaps the nicest feature of all is the on demand replay functionality. You don't need to be sitting in front of your computer for the full show. Instead, you'll be able to watch live or stream everything when you have time by browsing and selecting from Blizzard's on-demand options.

What will you get?

Outside of being able to handily watch everything that's happening during BlizzCon, you'll also gain access to all sorts of in-game goodies for Blizzard games. Think of it as your digital swag bag, since you can't be at the show in person. For whichever account you purchase your ticket on, you'll gain access to a bunch of neat items once the show goes live. These include some new pets for World of Warcraft, a Bastion skin in Overwatch, a new pet for Diablo III, a new card for Hearthstone and a new mount for Heroes of the Storm. There will also apparently be some mystery treats for StarCraft III.

Any other bonuses?

Well, yes. Thanks for asking. If you purchase a virtual ticket, you'll also get the option of purchasing a BlizzCon Goody Bag bright an early. Supplies will be limited, so you'll want to jump on this opportunity as soon as it goes live. In short, all of that physical swag we were just referencing? Well it sounds like you can spend a few bucks to have a care package containing said fiddly bits shipped directly from Blizzard. It's not mandatory, but it's a nice option for the collectors in the audience.

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