Battlefield 1

DICE and Electronic Arts will be rolling out some new content for Battlefield 1, focusing on improving the game and adding in a few highly requested features from the community for the World War I first-person shooter. The new features are set to arrive soon for the AAA blockbuster.

Over on the official website, they have a list of the new content and additions that will be added based on player feedback.

Hardcore Servers:

When's it coming? Soon.

What's it feature? Hardcore servers are designed for the most elite players. It features less HP, faster ways to die, basically no heads-up display and a more "realistic" experience.

Why should you care? A lot of the core players have been asking about this feature because it's one of the longstanding modes in the Battlefield series and now it's finally coming... soon.

Suez Map Tweaks:

When's it coming? Soon.

What's it feature? Layout changes to the Suez map in the Conquest mode.

Why should you care? They've expanded the flags in the map from three to five and they shrunk the capture area. This means players will have to stick close to the flags and watch for snipers. And given Battlefield's penchant for large scale conflicts, they've expanded the map to better accommodate the five flags instead of three.

Battlefest Week:

When's it coming? November 16th.

What's it feature? A week-long celebration of the Battlefield franchise that includes new activities, rewards just for logging into the game, as well as community missions and a live-stream of upcoming content for Battlefield 1.

Why should you care? Some of these community events includes custom games, like "Fog of War", which limits visibility during team deathmatch and removes soldier nametags and the mini-map. This custom game mode can be accessed through Battlefield 1's custom games menu in the multiplayer mode and will give gamers something more challenging to play apart from the standard modes.

Apart from the updates listed above, they also announced that they will have further updates set to roll out during the month of November, including the rent-a-server program that they introduced with Battlefield 4, and a few more balance and matchmaking tweaks. They don't give a time-frame on when these updates will arrive but you can expect them to trickle out throughout November.

DICE has been riding a wave of positive press and strong sales for the first-person shooter. Battlefield 1 took a decidedly different turn from other first-person shooters by having a multi-character campaign mode that focused on individual stories instead of following just one character. The game has also been receiving a ton of praise for the absolutely breathtaking physics simulations they managed to capture with the Frostbite 3. Right now, it's the engine to beat when it comes to practically applied physics-based destruction, and it looks downright amazing in the game. Being able to procedurally deconstruct buildings, vehicles and even trees throughout the environment have given the game a very different kind of tactical edge over other shooters like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Titanfall 2.

With the new updates set to go live soon for the World War I shooter, it looks like EA and DICE are in it for the long haul when it comes to tail-end support and giving gamers lots of content to look forward to in the near future.

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