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While BioWare has become known for series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, one of their first big RPG classics was actually Jade Empire, a more Western take on the genre with a martial arts-heavy focus. But while the game never got a proper sequel, apparently it's still a possibility.

Over on GameInformer, they recently had a chat with BioWare creative director Mike Laidlaw. Back in 2005, he was the lead writer for the original Jade Empire. But while the series has since fallen deep into the shadow of other BioWare franchises, Laidlaw said that there's always a chance the cult classic might make a triumphant return.

Jade as a sequel is never dead.

That's pretty great news for fans of the original game, as it was praised by critics and players alike for being a fantastic action RPG with interesting characters, fun mechanics and a deep story. What's most interesting about this interview, though, is the history that it brings to light concerning BioWare.

According to the original report, Jade Empire never received a sequel for a reason that we'd argue turned out pretty okay in the long run. Sure, we would have loved to see more Jade Empire at this point, but it no longer exists because of two other series from the celebrated developer.

Apparently, members of the Jade Empire team were hard at work on creating new systems and the like for a possible follow-up. Before things got rolling too far, however, it was decided that the studio needed to shift focus to two other projects, which were kind of in the same vein as Jade Empire. BioWare was banking on a sci-fi and a fantasy series rather than keep working on Jade Empire, and those games turned out to be Mass Effect and Dragon Age, respectively.

Both Mass Effect and the Dragon Age series have enjoyed multiple sequels apiece, with Mass Effect Andromeda looking to sell like gangbusters when it finally arrives, likely sometime next year. As for Dragon Age, the latest installment, Inquisition, was extremely well received, so we wouldn't be surprised to see that series continue even further into the future, too.

Still, we can't help but be hopeful thanks to Laidlaw's words. We'd argue that Mass Effect and Dragon Age would not be what they are were it not for Jade Empire, so it's nice to know that the series has not been entirely forgotten.

All of this has gotten us wondering if any of our readers remember Jade Empire fondly? It's only about a decade old and, while it may not have taken off like BioWare's other series, we figure some folks in the audience join us in holding out hope for an eventual sequel. Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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