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One of the best things about the Dishonored series is the unique set of abilities it gives the player to achieve their various missions. In the recently released Dishonored 2, one player has discovered a pretty diabolical trick using one such ability, but its handiness comes at the cost of kinda-sorta killing yourself.

This Dishonored 2 trick is now being called "The Prestige" by many folks because the mechanics at play are reminiscent of the 2008 film by the same name. Just so we're clear, there are huge spoilers ahead for The Prestige, so tread lightly if you still plan on watching that magical Rubik's Cube of a film. If you're more concerned about the game, fear not, as there are no spoilers as far as Dishonored 2 is concerned.

Over on Twitter, game designer Tom Francis has posted a gif showing off their newly-discovered trick in Dishonored 2. We'll just let Francis do the talking for a moment.

In case it's unclear what is happening here, Francis is using an in-game ability to create a clone of his character. From there, he uses the ability to drop-kill said clone to traverse great heights without dying himself. As Francis points out, this trick should make folks with anything resembling a conscience feel kind of like a monster. I mean, you're creating a clone for the sole purpose of killing it off in a matter of seconds, all so you can skip using a ladder. It's a pretty nasty move, and we think it's pretty rad that it's included in Dishonored 2.

Now for those of you who have not seen The Prestige and aren't afraid of having the twist ruined, you're probably wondering how this in-game trick ties into the movie. You could always dive into our previous coverage that looks at the ending and the many theories surrounding it, but the short version of it is this: Two magicians are in competition to create the world's most amazing trick. Both tricks have the magician appear to travel from one point of the stage to another in a way that should be physically impossible. It turns out that one magician has employed the rather ingenious method of bringing their identical twin in on the act. The other, as it turns out, is quite a bit more sci-fi than that. Working with Tesla, they utilize a machine that literally makes a perfect clone. For reasons I still don't understand, the magician decides that the only way for the trick to work is for his clone to die every time it is performed, thus getting rid of any evidence of tomfoolery.

So, similar to The Prestige, this new trick in Dishonored 2 allows you to create a clone and then instantly kill them for your own gains...Ta-da! You can take a look at the ending of the film below.

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