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Call of Duty: Infinite

Activision and Infinity Ward have announced that the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare patch is currently live and ready, ripe for the experience during their double experience points weekend on home consoles and PC. There are a lot of changes that have arrived with the patch, too.

Gamespot is reporting that the update focuses the majority of its fixes on multiplayer and tweaking the Zombies in Spaceland mode.

They've changed Scorestreak,s so they now only give score based on where the owner is on the map in Frontline. Additionally, it included a UI specifically for the double XP. They've nerfed the Volk, so that it has reduced damage at a range, as well as reduced the hip-firing accuracy and kicked up the ADS.

Rigs get unlocked in the multiplayer component of Infinite Warfare when any of the rig packages are unlocked, as opposed to unlocking them through the first one. They fixed the split-screen weapon streaming and fixed a crash that popped up during multiplayer.

For Zombies in Spaceland, they made it where the game doesn't end in the solo mode if The Hoff is active, something that happened previously. They fixed a double-jump exploit after respawning. And they fixed an XP exploit that people were using after they completed Infinite Warfare's campaign mode and multiplayer.

A couple of other housecleaning bits were also addressed, such as Infected being added to the playlist for all the platforms, Hardcore Free-For-All being re-added to the playlist as well, along with Hardcore Kill Confirmed for Xbox One and PS4 gamers. They did remove the Hardcore Defender from the playlist for Xbox and PS4 gamers.

PC gamers received a completely separate set of patch notes over on Steam, where the developers rolled through a huge list of modifications and tweaks in the changelog for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. There's a Steam post dedicated to all the little finer moments they modified in the game

The crazy part about it is that, according to the post, there were more than 1,000 bug fixes that they had to make for Infinite Warfare on the PC side of things. So Infinity Ward and the rest of the crew have been extremely busy post-launch to ensure that the game works as intended, and that they're addressing as many of the hiccups and hang-ups as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Developers tried to ensure that the patch arrived just in time for the double XP weekend, which started on November 18th and will run up until November 21st. It's kind of an early Thanksgiving gift from Activision to all of their loyal Call of Duty fans out there.

Infinite Warfare got off to a sluggish start this year due to the cannibalization of the first-person shooter market carried out by the hands of those at Electronic Arts. The rival publisher purposefully had Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 launch within weeks of each other, and just ahead of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in order to eat into the game's sales. Coupled with the lackluster response Activision received from the game's announcement trailer, reports are stating that the game's sales are down this year compared to last year, as reported by TechRaptor.

I'm sure Activision is hoping the double XP weekend and quick turnaround on patch releases will help lure some gamers back into the fold.

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