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A ton of content is oftentimes never used in games. Art assets, character models, vehicles, mission scripts and sometimes even songs. In fact, for Red Dead Redemption there was a song by Animal Collective that was recorded but never used in the actual game, and you get to hear it right now.

The official audio track for the unused song was uploaded to Animal Collective's YouTube page. It's a five and a half minute long song that is kind of an indie folk tale song.

According to the YouTube description, the musical artists recorded the song back in 2010 for Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption, but they say that the song was never used by the developers on the actual soundtrack of the open-world Western.

After hearing the track it's understandable why they didn't use the song in the game. The other song that got a lot of attention for Red Dead Redemption was Jose Gonzalez' "Far Away", which was a solemn folk song that really fit the general somber thematic elements of the game, while keeping true to the minimalist Western musical themes of the times. A lot of people like Animal Collective's song, but they readily admit that it didn't necessarily fit in so great with Red Dead Redemption's motif.

The instrumental tracks are closer to the pulp spaghetti Westerns of old. However, Rockstar made sure that the music wasn't as camp as it was portrayed in the original Red Dead Revolver, where it was more of a parody of Westerns than a full blown, serious take on the genre the way Red Dead Redemption was.

Even still, it's cool to see that the artist had permission to release the track. It comes just after Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to release next fall for the Xbox One and PS4. I do wonder if Rockstar will offer some upgraded features for the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro, or if they'll just stick to rolling out a basic open-world game for the eighth-gen twins?

Either way, the unused song has managed to find its way onto the interwebs for all the hear. It almost makes me wonder if the Nightride FM station was also ever scheduled to become a real thing, or if that's always just going to be a mystery that fades into the ether of the internet? It would be awesome if at some point the official tracklist for Nightride FM went public (assuming it even exists). It was supposed to be a retrowave station in GTA V hosted by the brilliant French DJ, Kavinsky. However, after the artist made some tweets about it online the whole thing just kind of disappeared.

In this case, Animal Collective never made any big announcements about the unused song ahead of time, but it's cool that gamers get a small taste of what they had in store for the game. If you're really tore up about it you can always purchase the song, add it to your music profile via your Xbox Live account, and cue it up while playing the backwards compatible version of Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox One.

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