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No Man's Sky

Hello Games followed through with their promise of the No Man's Sky update entitled "The Foundation". The update isn't big, but it was said to pave the way for a lot of new content and new modes that they have scheduled to release over the lifespan of No Man's Sky's time on the market.

Gamespot did a quick write-up on the new update and the content contained therein. We found out that the Foundation update sets the foundation for base building, as well as new modes including the new Creative Mode that allows you to explore the galaxy and make things and interact with the world without worrying about the restrictions in the Normal Mode. There's also the new Survival Mode that makes No Man's Sky closer to the likes of other survival games out there where the challenges are raised, dying is easier and players will have to undergo more difficult hardships.

There's also the ability to recruit alien lifeforms in the game and help out with the new ability to farm in the game. Additionally, they've added the ability to take on roles like an engineer or weapons manufacturer. The developers also mention becoming science specialists or having NPCs work at space stations for you.

You can now expand your base with storage facilities to contain all of your supplies, as well as the ability to move resources between locations in No Man's Sky using a freight system.

They also cover some of these features, such as the new modular base building and how players can modify and decorate their abode, along with other details in a update video that you can check out below from the Hello Games YouTube channel.

The farming in No Man's Sky is particularly interesting, because you can use your base to cultivate new lifeforms or grow plants and harvest them for your own supply of needed resources.

It is also explained how waypoints can be manually placed down in order to save the game, which they mention is essential for the new Survival Mode.

Player scan also utilize their NPC helpers to harvest minerals and ore from around the planet. In a way, this creates a new meta-game for No Man's Sky, as players can establish an interplanetary resource production operation.

It's a huge step up from what was originally available in the game, and what they didn't provide at launch for PC and PS4 gamers. Adding in the farming, base building and NPC recruitment gives the game a ton more depth than what it launched with.

What's more is that aspects of the multiplayer have finally started to seep through. The communication terminals can now be used to leave messages for other players. So this gives the game more of an interconnected feeling as opposed to what was offered at launch.

The one thing that really impresses me is the new modular base building applied to the freighters. Players can customize the inside of their freighters as they use them to ship goods from one destination to the next. It's also imperative to hire a crew to maintain the freighter for optimal operation.

The only thing they need now is to actually somehow get other players into the game with you, and then No Man's Sky will reach all new heights. The Foundation update is free for PC and PS4 players.

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