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Facebook Messenger

Classic Namco, Taito and Atari arcade games have made their way to Facebook. Even more than that, the social media giant has introduced a new way in which classic games from the aforementioned publishers can be played online, all from the comfort of your browser.

Over on the official Facebook page they announced that various classic arcade titles can be played through the Facebook Messenger. You can use the chat device to play a series of classic games with or against friends.

They're making this feature available for mobile devices across 30 countries. You'll be able to play the following classic arcade titles from Namco, Taito and Atari on the new iOS and Android mobile smart devices.




Space Invaders

Track & Field 100M

Shuffle Cats Mini

Words With Friends: Frenzy



Endless Lake

Templar 2048

The Tibez: Puzzle Rush

2020 Connect

Puzzle Bobble


Brick Pop

Wordalot Express

There's actually kind of a lot of launch games for the messenger. The 17 launch games run the gamut of genres, ranging from the reflex intensive games such as Galaga and the unforgettable classic Space Invaders, to more casual fanfare such as Wordalot Express and Words With Friends: Frenzy.

It's nice to see classics like Taito's Puzzle Bobble make the list. It was always one of the more underrated puzzle games out there and never quite hit the stride that Tetris did on the Gameboy and other devices. The game really stood out with the release of the Puzzle Bobble games on SNK's Neo Geo hardware, where the games had great animations and music to accompany the classic match-3 gameplay. Of course, being on the Neo Geo definitely limited the accessibility to the games due to the high cost of the Neo Geo and its games, but there were also lesser versions on the SNES and Game Gear, but they lacked the polish of the Neo Geo.

Pac-Man was an obvious shoo-in for the Messenger Instant Games feature because it's kind of a standard game to include in any classic collection of games. It was Pac-Man and Space Invaders that really helped turn gaming into a huge mainstream attraction.

One of the more underrated gems on the list is Arkanoid, which started the Breakout sub-genre in gaming. I didn't particularly care for Arkanoid but the later clones that derived out of Arkanoid, such as Moraff's Breakout, offered some of the best arcade fun that shareware could provide.

Facebook offers a small glimpse into the kind of gaming fun you can have with these classic arcade titles with a video showcasing some of these old-school arcade games from Namco, Taito and Atari.

Facebook is promoting the Instant Games feature on the Facebook Messenger as a portal into gaming with a potential 1 billion people. So there's always going to be someone available to play against at some point in time.

You can grab Facebook Messenger and start playing the 17 available games right now on iOS and Android devices.

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