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Blizzard Entertainment has plans on rolling out a brand new event starting next week. We don't know what it is or what it contains, but Blizzard sent out an RSVP to the gaming community, inviting them to join in on the festive action just ahead of Christmas.

The update was made over on the official Overwatch Twitter account, and was immediately spread throughout the gaming community.

The gif simply states that it's the most wonderful time of the year and they're hoping gamers join in for some fun holiday cheer. The thread from there on turns into a lot of people requesting gifs and the account for Overwatch obliges. It's a thread full of memes now.

This does absolutely nothing to inform anyone about what they can actually expect. What we do know is that things will get underway starting next week on December 13th. What we don't know is what exactly will get underway.

Some gamers asked for and requested skins, others thought maybe a new map might be on the way, a few more were hoping for emblems and other collectibles. One thing is for sure, a lot of gamers are excited about what's to come for Overwatch.

The game is coming off a huge win over last week's 2016 Game Awards, hosted by Geoff Keighley in Anaheim, California. The big annual event is designed to pay homage to the gaming industry and the hard working developers who make it what it is. Blizzard walked away with a couple of awards from the event, marking Overwatch as one of the top critical and commercial successes of the year. Personally, I thought Doom and Titanfall 2 were robbed of the GOTY given that both have replayable single-player campaign modes that you can play and enjoy outside the context of multiplayer deathmatch (whether against humans or bots).

Overwatch lacks any kind of comprehensive single-player mode and it makes it tough for me to believe that a multiplayer-only game deserves a GOTY award when it didn't really introduce any new gameplay mechanics to the fold and mostly gained a lot of its attention for its cool characters, awesome out-of-game cinematics, and the strong promotional world-building that went into the game's marketing and presentation. Nevertheless, it was voted as the Game of the Year and so that's that.

Blizzard is following up the win from last week with a new event next week, and so we'll have to sit around and wait to see what that's all about. Thankfully the wait won't be too long because it's just a week away from now.

In the meantime you can login and put some hours into Overwatch as you twiddle your fingers and fumble your thumbs about, eager to see what Blizzard unveils on December 13th. In all likelihood you can expect new skins, new map variants and if you're lucky, maybe a new game mode.

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