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Sea of Solitude

EA has been helping cultivate and grow the independent gaming scene with their new Originals program. They use it to selectively bring small indie titles to larger platforms through their massive publishing platform, and a little game from Jo-Mei Games called Sea of Solitude was just added.

Over on the official Electronic Arts website, the company's executive vice president, Patrick Soderlund, wrote a short post about Sea of Solitude joining their company's portfolio. The game originally came onto the scene back in early 2015, and has had a steady development cycle just outside the purview of traditional media coverage.

The game sees players assuming the role of Kay, a lone traveler in a world apparently covered by the sea. The hook for the game is that Kay is turned into a monster and must recover lost memories in order to understand what brought the world to ruin.

Uncovering the lost memories means interacting with the game's wild sea inhabitants, some of whom look rather intimidating. There's a mix of platforming and water-based travel using boats. Sea of Solitude isn't an action game, but it is a puzzle platformer similar to the likes of Submerged, which was also a water-based game, centering around a young girl attempting to save her brother while stranded in a submerged city.

The major difference is that there's a much darker theme emanating around Sea of Solitude, as Kay attempts to retrieve the memories of monstrous animals. There aren't many gameplay videos up for the game, but YouTube outlet Game Club does offer a near two minute look at the 3D title with a brief gameplay trailer.

As you can see, the majority of the game consists of traveling through the desolate world, dodging some of the monsters and platforming around the ruins of a bygone era. And speaking of bygone eras... players will have to search the memories of the past to understand the plight of the current world, this happens by interacting with the animals and making distinct choices in how to engage them, which will alter the course of how they see Kay.

It's an experimental platform built around giving gamers an emotional connection to the character and the world that she inhabits.

You could consider it a zen-like game similar to thatgamecompany's Journey or flOw, but some people might compare it to games like Brothers or Abzu.

One of the neat elements about the title is the way the weather changes. There are distinct pattern shifts in the way the water works, which can drastically alter the way the player navigates the environment. Briefly, in the trailer above, you can see that fogs can inhibit your view, or storms can make it difficult to traverse some areas.

Now that the game is under the wing of Electronic Arts, we'll likely get to see it on more platforms than before. They don't actually reveal the platforms that it will appear on (hopefully it's for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), but they do mention that there will be more to share about the game in the months ahead.

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