An odd bit of news went spiraling out of the Bungie studios and into the social media metaverse, revealing that they're bringing in some help with Destiny from an unexpected source. Nevertheless, it definitely raises questions as to what this means for the future of the franchise.

Bungie's official Twitter account linked to a Facebook photo that contains a message, which reads...

Vicarious Visions is excited to announce that we are partnering with Bungie to further expand the Award-Winning Destiny Universe

The first thing some people asked is "Why?"

Well, it's a good question given that Bungie has been toiling away on Destiny and its various expansion packs for the past several years. So, one would naturally ask why would a company with a pedigree like Bungie request the services of a group like Vicarious Visions, who have mostly worked on portable game ports for mobile phones, the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS?

The most notable games that they've worked on that fits in line with the ecosystem of Destiny would probably be Doom 3 for the Xbox and Star Wars: Jedi Academy for the Xbox.

Obviously those games did not inspire trust or confidence in the gaming audience. This led to many people wondering why Bungie would outsource to a company like Vicarious Visions?

It's a tough guess unless it has to do with exactly what Vicarious Visions has become renown for: porting games to portable devices.

Is it possible that perhaps we could be seeing a new Destiny port on iPhone or Android smart devices? Perhaps a more far-fetched, but not entirely impossible possibility, is that Bungie and Vicarious Visions are working together to port Destiny to the Nintendo Switch.

I know it may seem a bit ridiculous to consider, but maybe the Switch is a target console for them? Keep in mind that on the developer support list, Activision was one of the companies on the list for the Nintendo Switch, so they will be making games for Nintendo's console, we just don't know which games yet.

It would be a big game to port within that time span, but it could also mark a major leap forward if they're able to accomplish something like that... a game as large as Destiny played portable while on the go? I'm sure a lot of people would love that.

The other alternative, and the more likely scenario, is that Vicarious Visions will be doing assigned work from Bungie on the current iterations of Destiny for the Xbox One and PS4 while Bungie continues to work on Destiny 2 for its 2017 release. Having Vicarious Visions share the load so they can focus on the sequel would free up Bungie and allow them to invest more time and energy into the sequel while the smaller updates rolled out for Destiny on the PS4 and Xbox One are handled by Vicarious Visions.

For now we don't know what their role is exactly other than to expand the Destiny universe. So, we'll have to sit tight and wait it out to see how Bungie plays this off now that Vicarious Visions is on board, and working with them on the game.

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