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The employer/employee relationship is usually a simple one. If an employee does work, they should get paid for that work. Recently, however, one video game studio has come under fire for not fulfilling the employer portion of that relationship, potentially leaving employees without pay for months at a time.

Over on Reddit, one user is claiming that they work for Crytek and that, for almost six months, they and their coworkers have not been properly paid. This isn't the first time Crytek has been in financial troubles that led to employees getting paid late but, again, since this is all based on anonymous statements, we're not chalking this latest claim up to fact just yet.


According to the post, the person vented their frustration via social media because they wanted to see if anyone could provide assistance and, obviously, they wanted to remain anonymous in the process. Getting a job in the games industry can be tough so, even if issues are arising concerning paychecks, it can be hard to outright blow a whistle on somebody.

The poster claims that while this has happened in the past, they were informed that the last time was exactly that, "the last time." Unfortunately, they're claiming that Crytek is once again withholding pay. They mention that several coworkers moved from out-of-country to work at the studio and, not receiving proper pay, they are unable to simply cut ties and return home.

While the Reddit poster claims to be working at the Germany studio, they explained that the problems appear to be ongoing at all Crytek offices and that upper management refuses to comment on it.

Over on imgur, an identical story has surfaced, again claiming that Crytek has not paid the poster or their co-workers in nearly six months. Being the same post, it appears the person is trying to cast a wide net in the hopes of bringing the situation to light.

As of this afternoon, we're seeing more and more reports pop up online, coming from outlets who claim to be in contact with anonymous sources working for Crytek, all claiming the same payment issues are going on. Until we have official word, though, we have to continue treating this as a rumor.

Most gamers will know Crytek from titles like Crysis, Far Cry and the Xbox One exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome. It's always a bummer to hear a studio is struggling financially, but it's worse when you hear that employees have been bearing that burden for weeks, or even potentially months in this case, at a time. Here's hoping everything gets sorted out soon.

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