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Mega Man, a series of games known for its difficulty, is about to get a heck of a lot harder next month.

Over on the Capcom Mobile Twitter page, an announcement went up early this week that had us feeling something of a roller coaster of emotions. It looks like the Blue Bomber is about to blow up a brand new platform.

So the first six Mega Man games are coming to both iOS and Android next month. If you're anything like us, you probably initially thought that sounded like a fantastic idea. I mean, more Mega Man in more locations can't really be a bad thing, right?

But once our knee-jerk reaction cooled down, we suddenly remembered just how difficult it can be to control a game on a mobile device and, when you're talking about a series that's tough as nails and requires some pinpoint control, we're having a hard time deciding if Mega Man on mobile is something we really want to experience.

The best thing we can come up with is that this is some kind of clever project thought up by the maker of mobile phones. In this hypothetical scenario, they come together to fund the development of the first six Mega Man games for the mobile platform. And what do they get out of the deal? Sales. We're not talking about a cut of the MM games, either. No, we're referring to the increase in phone sales that will occur as people smash their current phones to pieces. Whether they drop their phones one too many times while trying to make it through a particularly tough bit of platforming or simply throw them at a wall in frustration, we're guessing Mega Man on mobile is going to result in a sharp uptick in the number of iPhones sold after the game's launch.

We're not hating on Mega Man here. We're big fans of the series. But there's a reason nearly every mobile game is either based on tapping or sliding things. Not many developers have figured out a great way to simulate a standard controller and, for a series that requires sharp reflexes and controls to match, it's hard to imagine what Mega Man on mobile might actually play like.

Here's hoping Capcom has thought all of this through and come up with a solid control scheme. The good news is, we only have to wait until January to find out.

Assuming all goes well, what are some other classic games you folks would like to see ported to mobile? Any old-school games you think might be a perfect fit for that particular platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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